Wednesday 7 August 2019

Disney button ribbon bookmarks

Hello, Design elf Katrina here.

      I don’t know if you have come across the Disney buttons in the button section of the Fruit Pixie shop but you can find some very cute sets there. 

Sarah-Jane sent me a few sets to play with, so when I came across this wonderful idea for making ribbon and button bookmarks I knew what I was going to make.
 The examples of the bookmarks I found were made using plain buttons but I used the Disney buttons instead!

I also had some of the beautiful vintage glass buttons that you can also find in the button section and so used one of those to make a bookmark using a piece of embroidered ribbon I had bought many years ago in Austria.

 There wasn’t much left but just enough for a bookmark 

This is  a great project for using a special pieces of ribbon or off cuts from other projects

I think they would make great back to school gifts perhaps for the bookworm in your family.

Of course they don’t have to just be for keeping your place in your novels. They are great for your journal, favourite recipes in your cook books 
or keeping your page in a text books too.

All you need is a piece of ribbon, hairband to match your ribbon, a Disney button and a needle and thread!

Which ever characters you choose, I hope you have fun making
 your Disney ribbon bookmark.

Love Katrina 

Monday 22 July 2019

Altered suitcase part 2

Hello! Well here I am to show you the inside of the cute little suitcase I showed you last time.

Here it is!

As you can see I have divided it up into little pigeon holes to store a few craft supplies.

But first I painted the inside to match the outside.

I then used foam core board to make the shelves and dividers. Foam core it very sturdy but light as a feather. I covered the front edge of the pieces with the beautiful Craft Consortium decoupage paper.

Then to make some matching storage.

At the top, a tray to hold pens scissors and what ever else you want really.

A little pot for crayons and a tiny art journal. Well, who said art journals have to be big.

The deep box holds my glue and any paper bits I want to use. It could hold lots of things.

I then left a section empty to hold ink pads perhaps?

Then to fit in the cover an artist portfolio 

To hold collage pieces or the pieces you are working on.

It’s amazing what you can get into a tiny suitcase!!

I had so much fun planning and making my suitcase. It looks so cute by the side of my chair with everything to hand.

This would make a lovely gift for a crafting friend or make one for yourself fitted out for your favourite hobby.
Imagin the fun you could have making one for a child, I’m sure they would love it.

You can find the beautiful Craft Consortium decoupage papers in the shop here -

Any questions you have I’ll be happy to help

Until the next time,
                       Love Katrina

Monday 8 July 2019

Altered suitcase part 1

Hi design elf Katrina here to show you my latest project. 

I bought this little suitcase in a charity shop and knew as soon as I saw it what I was going to do with it.

    To begin with I covered it in gesso and then painted it white. It was originally covered with a blue flower paper which was nice but I wanted to use the beautiful Craft Consortium decoupage paper Cottage Classic for my project.

      So when the paint was dry I used the paper to cover it.

This is such a beautiful paper

I also made a little travel tag to match.

Of course I didn’t stop there. I did something rather special to the inside too. 

To see that though you will have to wait for part 2.

You can find the paper in the shop here -

Untill then, take care
  Love Katrina x

Saturday 18 May 2019

1960 metal buttons just finish a project off

Hi, design elf Katrina here to show you my latest project.

    As well as paper crafting I also love to sew. I love to dress make mainly but I also love the challenge of making something from scratch without a pattern. 

     We had just bought a new tablet for hubbies photos and it needed a cover or something to protect it. So I made it a quilted cover. I was pleased with how it looked but it just needed something to finish it off. I knew just the thing!!

      One of my favourite things in the shop are Sarah -Janes buttons. Especially the vintage ones. She has some beautiful silver metal buttons from the 1960s and I love them. So I stitched one on and that finished it off beautifully.

The detail on these buttons is lovely 

You can find them in the shop here 
Do have a look, there are some lovely 1950s glass ones too.

Well, until next time, happy crafting!
Love Katrina

Monday 6 May 2019

Timekeeper papers bookmark

Hello, Design elf Katrina here again to show you my latest design for The Fruit Pixie.

   When I am not crafting I love to read. Because I love to craft I like to make matching bookmarks for the books I know I am going to return too.

At the moment I am reading “The Binding “ by Bridget Collins. If you haven’t seen it yet then do look it up, it is such a beautifully bound book, if you want to read it please get it in hardback if you can, you won’t be disappointed.  I am really enjoying it too.

The other night I noticed that the key used on the dustcover of the book was very similar to the Couture Creations Lace key die. So I made a matching bookmark for my book using the Couture Creations key and the beautiful Marion Smith designs Time keepers papers.

To make the key and the die cut border, also from Couture Creations, look a bit more vintage looking I cut them both from Card I had covered with double sided sticky tape. I used the Stix 2 ultra sticky sheets but you could just used double sided tape but make sure you don’t leave any gaps.

I then after cutting the die shape I carefully removed the protective backing from the tape and then plunged them into the Cosmic Shimmer gilding flakes and then used the scrunchie foam to remove the excess. Take your time with this, especially on the detail of the border.

I used some of the waste to cut a thin strip to frame the piece of book paper.

The bookmark itself is a piece of card covered in the Marion Smith Design Timekeeper paper, I used Antique Emporium, front and back.

I cut a piece of book paper to lay behind the key.

I then added some different fibers in matching colours to finish it off.

You can find the Marion Smith Designs Timekeeper papers (double sided) in the shop here-

Couture Creations dies here-

Cosmic Shimmer gilding flakes here (I used gemstone) -

Fibres here -

I think that is everything!

Any questions please ask on our Facebooks page for a quick answer.

So why not make a matching bookmark for your favourite book.

Until next time, happy crafting 
                                  Love Katrina x