Monday, 30 July 2012

Enchanted Family Album

Enchanted family album
As soon as I saw the new Enchanted papers from Craft Time I thought of the old cabinet cards I have of my family. I used a new binding method I have learnt called "stack the deck". This is a really easy , quick method to make your own book, the inventor recommended using envelopes as the pages but I had the idea of using the Woodware cd selves. They make nice sturdy pages and cover and have the bonus of being the perfect colour too. Here is what I used and how I made it.
You will need -
* Woodware Cd sleeves - 12 pack ( I used 6 for my book )
* Craftime Enchanted A4 Printed Papers
* Craftime Enchanted Metal Roses
* Craftime Enchanted Ribbon
* Craftime Enchanted Rub Ons White
* Craftime Enchanted Pearl Gems
* Scraps of craft card - for your binding
* Magnetic dots
* Double sided tape
* Silicone glue
How to put it together-
1. Put 6 of the Cd cases together using PVA glue
2. Make up your "Stack the deck" binding - a)Bottom layer - Cut a strip of card 2.75 " x length of your page then score at 3/4" from right side and 3/4 " from left side
b) middle layer - 2.25" x length of page scored at 3/4 from right side and 3/4 form the left
c) top layer - 1.75 x length of page scored at 3/4 from right side and 3/4 from left
3. Stack them on top of each other and glue together.

4. Apply double sided tape to both sides of the flaps on your binding and then stick them to the inside of the Cd cases, these will give you your pages.
5. Now to decorate your book. Cut the papers to fit your pages. You get 2 of each so I used 1 to cover the page and then cut the flowers out of the other and decoupaged them on top.
6. For the cover I cut a strip long enough to go around the front cover, spine and about an inch onto the back cover. If you want to put a magnetic dots onto your cover for the metal flower closure, do this before you stick the paper down. Stick the front piece to the front cover crease the spine fold but don't stick down, the stick the remaining strip to the back cover.
7. Now stick your ribbon onto the back cover. Cut a piece of paper for the back cover and stick down.
8. Add your photos and embellishments to your page as you wish. Finish off with the rub ons, which a great to use and pearl gems. Glue the metal rose to the end of your ribbon closure and snap your album closed.


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