Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Gatsby Chic box and card collection

Hi everyone, design elf Katrina here, welcoming back chief Fruit Pixie Sarah :)

Here is my next project using the Craftime Gatsby Chic collection, this would make a great gift or just somewhere to store thing in your home. For this box I have made some small cards to keep inside, ideal to use as notlets or just to cheer someone up.

  My Art Deco box was made using balck cardstock, for this size box you will need 2 12 x 12 pieces, I made the box using the Hougie board. I then decorated it using the Gatsby Chic papers for the sides, the top is decorated using the wonderful ribbon trim and a buckle and tassle. The sides to the box with Gold mosaic and the sparkle gems. The border around the base is an EK sucess punch from my own craft bits but I thought it went well.

To get the ribbon to look neat and lie flat I cut another square of the same card and then wrapped the ribbon around that and glued it to the botton of the card then the card to the lid.

The cards that come with the collection are DL cards in gold, silver and black. I personaly found them too large for the other pieces of the collection but perfect if you cut them in half, plus you have twice as many and a perfect size to use all your scraps of paper and glitter sheets too! 

This one used the paper, glitter sheets, 2 stickers from the image sheet and then some of the pearl gems to finish.

This one used paper glitter sheets, stickers and ribbon.

This one glitter sheets, paper, stickers and some of the sequin trim. Use a wet glue to attach the sequin trim.

This one used paper, glitter sheet, stickers and one of the printed tags and ribbon.

For this one I used paper, glitter sheet, sparkley gems, a tag and some of the ribbon.

This one used paper, glitter sheets, tag, sparkley gem and a pearl gem.

This one used paper, glitter sheet, sticker and some sparkley gems.

They all then fit into the box and I also put in the cute little notebook that also comes in the range to keep perhaps addresses in or bithdates.

   I plan to do a tutorial on box making soon but if you have any questions please ask them and I will try to answer them.




  1. Look forward to seeing a tutorial on box-making. especially an exploding one...which I really fancy making....

  2. OK the Pat I'll see what I can do :)