Thursday, 20 June 2013

China Blue ribbon flower card

As well as the wonderful papers in the Ruby Rocket it China Blue collection there are lovely ribbons and large brads. Also a large tag collection too.
So I took a piece of the Steely Blue card and mounted it onto a card blank. I then wanted to make a ribbon flower.
The way I made this one was to cut 4 pieces of the wider white base ribbon and 2 of the thinner dark blue ribbon all the same length. How long will depend on how big you want your flower. Loop the pieces and stick together with double sided tape. Layer them on top of each other to the design you like and then stick all the layers down with double sided tape.
Carefully make a hole through all the layers with a craft knife and poke through your brad and open up its arms at the back.
Choose a tag from the tag set, add a sentiment to the tag if you would like and cut a piece of the dark blue ribbon and form a bow. Stick the tag to the card with the bow on top and then stick your ribbon flower down all using a wet glue. You might need a peg to hold them in place while they dry.
Of course you can add these ribbon flowers to anything, They would even make a cute brooch too!!

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