Sunday, 21 July 2013

Ruby Rocket cook collection mini book

Hi there, hope you are enjoying the heat! Katrina here, the Fruit Pixie design elf.

  I have been playing with the Ruby Rocket cook collection over the past few days. As you have come to expect from Ruby Rocket it is so versatile and has everything you need to make quick and easy projects.

  For this cute little book I used the Cook 12x12 cardstock Medley, Cook 12x12 Tokens and the Cook 12x12 cardstock Misscellenea along with the Cook die cut pack. All the cardstock is double sided and is 200gsm so more than strong enough to be cut and folded to form pages by itself.

 This collection is so well thought out that you don't really need to do a lot to it. For the cover I drew around the frame with a red fine tip pen to make it stand out a bit more, added one of the quotes from the Tokens cardstock and then added one of the fun die cuts from the pack. The little shapes I used as bunting at the top of the cover are also in the die cut pack, after I stuck them down I drew around them with my fine tip red pen, punched holes with a small hole punch and added some bakers twine.

The first couple of pages as you can see are very simple, the small cake shapes are from the borders that come in the die cut pack, I thought they looked cute on the bingo card and then just added one of the word strips from the Tokens cardstock.

To make the book itself, all I did was cut the Cook 12x12 cardstock Medley in half and then scored and folded the different sections. Of course I had to join the 2 cut sections together to make the book, I didn't want to loose any of the sections so I used some of the IndigoBlu Wishi Wishi tape winegums to join the 2 sections together ( leave a slight gap between the sections so they fold nicely )
At the top of the Tokens12 x12 cardstock is a strip of tags I thought would make another tiny mini book to hide inside, so I made a pocket using some of the Token cardstock and decorated it and the page using a couple of the word strips from the Tokens cardstock and one of the die cuts from the die cut pack.
The teapot, tea cup and butterfly also came from the die cut pack.
For the mini tag book I simply cut the tag strip off the top of the Miscellenea cardstock, scored and folded it, punched holes in the tops of the tags and added some of the bakers twine. Then added it to the pocket I had made.

For the last 2 pages I decided to leave the cook book one as it was and then added a couple more of the die cuts from the die cut pack and a word strip from the Tokens cardstock.

Of course you could add photos to your book, you have the other side which is also printed with individual collages, or I thought it would make a nice gift for someone who had invited you to dinner or for a keen cook instead of a birthday card

This little tag book would be lovely with family recipes added and given to someone who is off to University or just leaving home or getting married.
 What every you decide to do with your book I hope you enjoy the Ruby Rocket cook collection.
                       Happy Crafting
                                                         Love Katrina

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