Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Autumn flower

Hello, Design elf Katrina here to share another project with the wonderful products from The Fruit Pixie.

    This time I am using something you might not think of using but is so versatile to work with, Colour catcher sheets! Yes, the ones you put into your wash to stop the colour running. If like me you don't use them, you will start when you see what a great product they are after they have done their job in the washing machine. I get mine in the good old £1 shop and have a stack of them ready to go when I need them.  There are so many things you can do with them, they stitch like a dream and take on any colour from any wet colour medium, after all that is their job, and are so easy to cut and they don't fray. See what I mean?

     Today we are going to make a flower with them. I chose to do a yellow flower but of course you can do what ever colour you want to.  The idea for how to put this flower together came from Tammy Tutterow, her tutorial is here - http://tammytutterow.com/2013/07/tuesday-tutorial-love-struck-vintage-style-millinery/ but I have changed a couple of things.

So to begin with we need 2 washed colour catcher sheets. I then chose the colour paint I wanted from the Cosmic Shimmer paint range and made it up into a spray paint by adding a small amount of the paint to a small spray bottle and added some water and just a drop of PVA glue. The glue prevents it from splitting. Its hard to give exact proportions of paint to water but just add a drop of water to the paint and try it, you can add more if need be. Give it all a good shake and its good to go!

Spray both the colour catcher sheets until  they are covered and dry either with a heat gun or naturally.

I then cut 16 long hearts but I think next time I would do 18. I used the Tim Holtz movers and shakers heart but you could use the PaperArtsy Tall heart or even draw one yourself. To cut this many you can fold your colour catcher sheets into 4 and cut through all the layers. You will also need a small circle of felt to stitch them all too.

I then went through and added ink to the edges.

The all then need to be folded as in the photos. The colour catcher sheets fold well so its not too bad a job. I also stamped them all with a script stamp.

Now we can put the flower together. Stitch your petals around the outside of your felt circle and then make another layer inside and one inside that until you have used all your petals up.

I then added one of the wonderful Vintage metal buttons which I rubbed over some of the Cosmic shimmer chalk paint. There are so many ways you can use this flower, the colour catcher sheets are very robust, I have made a book in a class with them and it is still going strong!

So to make my flower you will need - 

*2 Colour Catcher Sheets

* Cosmic Shimmer Chalk paint - http://www.thefruitpixie.co.uk/cosmic-shimmer-matt-chalk-paints-643-c.asp

*Spray bottle - http://www.thefruitpixie.co.uk/imagination-crafts-15ml-spritzer-7591-p.asp

Distress ink - http://www.thefruitpixie.co.uk/ink-pads-84-c.asp

Heart die - http://www.thefruitpixie.co.uk/paperartsy-die-tall-heart-11873-p.asp

Vintage metal buttons - http://www.thefruitpixie.co.uk/8-vintage-metal-buttons-20578-p.asp

Broach backs - http://www.thefruitpixie.co.uk/30mm-gilt-brooch-pin-back-516-p.asp

Have fun making your flowers!
                                Happy Crafting

                                                    Love Katrina

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