Friday, 30 January 2015

Mixed media mini book

Hi, design elf Katrina here.

              Where better is there to be on a cold day than snug inside your craft nook! That's where I have been playing with this little mixed media book I made out of lots of pieces of the fantastic ephemera the Fruit Pixie is famous for finding for us.

The base of the book I made using the Couture Creations decorative die tab journal tab die. Here is how I created it;

 For the cover I covered a piece of card with the book paper on both sides then cut the cover and repeated it for the back cover. I then used a slide mount from the slide pack and part of a botanical watercolour and some buttons from the darks collection. I also added a definition from one of the dictionary pages from a vintage book pages pack. I bound the little book using bakers twine

 TIP- the die only has 3 holes but if you want to make it into a book cut the shape out and then turn it over and put the card diecut back into the die and the recut the part with the holes so you then have 6 holes!

For page 2 I cut the page from a post card from the assorted postcard set and added some Washi tape and a cigar label.

Page 3 was a botanical print that I traced over with my white pen and added some of the Washi tape.

Page 4 had book pages and Washi tape for the background, I then also used a ticket from the tickets pack and a tea card. I also added a definition I found in the dictionary page. 

Page 5 also has the book page as the background to which I added a tea card and a hand written word.

Page 6 has a background made up of bus tickets from the tickets pack and then i just added a tea card and a Cigar wrap.

Page 7's background was made up of Illustrated post marks and then I just added another tea card.

That is my book!

I hope I have given you some ideas of the many things you can do with the ephemera the Fruit Pixie sales. 
This little book would make a cute scrapbook for a gift or as a brag book.

 So why not try something different in your crafting and have a look at ephemera in a different way!

If you have any questions I would be happy to help.

Happy Crafting,
                Love Katrina

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