Friday, 28 March 2014

Lavinia Stamps DVD review

Hi everyone, design elf Katrina here with something a little different today. Sarah- Jane, The Fruit Pixie, asked me if I would like to review the new Lavinia Stamps" The wonderful world of Stamping 2" DVD. So yesterday I cleared my craft table, made a cup of tea, fired up the DVD player and settled in to watch the DVD.

Now, if you like your stamping and want to learn how to use them in a different way then this DVD is for you. It is professional and is made in real time so you could craft along with it, although it is not a workshop style DVD. I don't think I would recommend it to complete beginners to stamping, it is DVD 2 but as long as you know how to handle a stamp and can stamp a successful image then you will be well away.

The DVD show you how to make 12 different scenes to add to your cards. There are 2 discs in the set, 1 hour, 6 demos per disc. They all use the same techniques which are -

* Using a brayer make a colourful background
* Using multiple stamps to make a scene
* Adding a reflection 
* Using cut and dry foam
* Tearing paper stencils to add depth to your backgrounds.

This DVD set if full of inspiration but it would been nice to know which stamps they are going to use before they begin the demonstration so you could craft along if you want to. Also to see the finished card not just the stamped panel to see how they finish them off but then that is just me.

So after watching all this wonderful stamping for 2 hours I had to have a go myself! It has been a very, very long time since I have used my brayer with ink but it did came back in the end. 

This isn't one of the cards in the DVD but it did use most of the techniques shown.

If you have any questions about the DVD I'd be happy to answer them, either here or on our Facebook page.

Do have a look at this DVD and the lovely collection of stamps too.

Happy Crafting
                  Love Katrina 

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