Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter Hare Card

Happy Easter! Design elf Katrina here to show you what I have been up too.

   Now, I am a paint addict and I also love my Gelli plate which for those who haven't yet come across one yet they are basically a big slab of Jelly but permanent jelly ( before these came along that was how you would do this, and still can of course, make up gelatine in to a large slab. The problems with this were many, getting it perfectly level, getting the set right and of course it would go mouldy after a couple of days ) You then add your acrylic paint to this, brayer it out and then you can take about 3 prints per application. The beauty is that it will take on any texture you want to press into it so the possibilities are endless, it is incredibly addictive and if you love all things painty fantastic fun!   You can print onto anything, paper, card, material, tape, and the one thing everyone wants to try is delli paper or dry wax paper. The problem with this is you usually have to buy this in large quantities which makes it quite expensive, unless you have a friendly fruit pixie who sells it in perfect amounts for a design elf's needs ( I did buy 2 packs though!! )

    So I went to work with my Gelli plate and the wonderful dry wax delli paper and layered the finish piece over some book paper. Then because it is Easter thought this wonderful hare stamps would go well along with some of the blue spotty washi tape the the Starry frame die from Crafty Individuals that I have cut into 4 to form the corners.

For this little collage piece I have used one of the wonderful book pages from The Fruit pixie and then stamped the hares on the painted delli paper and cut them out and glued them on. A couple of swipes of distress ink finished it off.

You don't need a Gelli plate to use the wax paper of course, you can just paint it using a paintbrush or brayer and you will get the same sort of effect. It is lovely to layer over other papers and is something new to play with.

Have fun what ever you are doing this Easter

                                                            Love Katrina 

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  1. Fabby projects I'll have to give this a go it looks great :) x