Saturday, 26 April 2014

Lavinia Stamps storage idea

Hello there, design Elf Katrina here.

    Some customers, including me, have been having problems with the way the new Lavina stamps are packaged.On some of the stamps the image on the carrier sheet cracks and falls off when you take the stamp off of it. Thats not good as it is then all over your hands and I have got flakes of it on the actual stamp which won't then come off, luckily for me it was on the back of the stamp so won't effect the stamp but it is still a problem. the company has been told about this problem but please though don't let that put you off buying these stamps as they stamp beautifully and I have an idea for a way you can store your stamps cheaply and I think is rather cute too.

     My idea is to carefully peel the stamps off of the carrier sheet and store them in this cute little binder I have made from plastic CD pockets and cereal box card !

For each stamp I stamped it in black on card then laminated it. If you haven't got a laminating machine they are very inexpensive now and I find them invaluable for stamp storage but you could just cover the stamped card in sticky tape or good old clear sticky back plastic! This then makes a storage card for the stamp to stick too

Each card then has its own plastic CD pocket which I have punched holes in to bind then into my book. This also helps with another problem with this type of stamp, they can be rather sticky when new. For the smaller stamps I have stamped a few onto the card.

I then stamped a nice cover using the stamps and put the name of the stamps on too. I used some cereal box card, or any stiff card, to make the front and back covers, adding some ribbon to close the book with and covered the inside with coloured card. I then punched them using one of the CD pockets as a template.

I used some seam binding but you could use ribbon, to thread all the pockets and covers together making sure you leave plenty of extra binding so you can add pockets for new stamps at a later date if you wish.

I added a division, just a spare piece of the card, between the fantasy stamps and the Zen ones.

As you can see I have quite a good collection and it all holds together well. You can of course make this for any unmounted stamps as I have done over the years using all sorts of binding methods, ribbon, book rings, the bind -it-all or just using a ring binder. I have also store all my thin dies this way too but replace the laminated card for magnetic sheets instead. Oh the fun you can have with CD pockets!!!!

 Hope this helps with your storage problems with these stamps, if you have any questions just ask.

Happy crafting
                             Love Katrina

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