Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Washi tape pencls

Hi there, design elf Katrina here to show you a great idea for Washi tape.

    Now if you are anything like me, you love Washi tape and have lots of these wonderful rolls of colour but are not quite sure how to use it except just sticking onto paper. Well I came across this great idea the other day on Pinterest  and just couldn't wait to try it......Washi tape covered pencils!!   yes they do sharpen too :)

They are very easy to do, you need new unsharpened pencils ( little tip, don't do what I did and buy cheap Asda pencils, they were all split inside so you can't sharpen them as the whole pencil tries to split apart, that's why they are sharpened with a knife)
Rub down you pencils and paint then with white paint or gesso and dry.
Attach your Washi tape lengthways along the pencil. I used Berries and flowers
                                                                              Plum check 
                                                                                                               Blue polka-dot ( not shown)                                                                                         and pink roses
You will need to do 2 lengths, then burnish down with something solid.
You do need to seal them with something, I used a watered down PVA but any sealer will do.
Then the hard part, let them dry thoroughly and then you can sharpen them and use them!! 

I also made a note book to go with my pencils. I made mine but you could just cover one you have. I put the tape onto a scrap of white card so the colours of the tape would pop. You could do the same and then just stick it too the front of your notepad.

Here they are together, wouldn't this make a great summer holiday project for the children to do to get their pencils ready for the new school year. A roll of tape goes a very long way and it would keep them quiet for hours. Also I thought it would make great little party gifts or to sell at all those school fates and craft fairs.

What ever you do with your Washi tape have fun and lets get rid of all those boring pencils!!
                               Happy crafting
                                                                  Love Katrina


  1. Brilliant idea x love the journal cover too...... Now were did I stash that washi tape ;)

  2. Fantastic Idea love the tutorial thanks xxx

  3. What a good idea Katrina. As you say, good for the kids to do during the holidays (on a rainy day....)

  4. What brilliant ideas. I steered clear of using washi tape because I just thought it was for sticking on paper, but now I've seen these I will be buying and trying!! Thank you