Thursday, 22 August 2013

Keisercraft Needle and Thread sewing set

Morning! Design Elf Katrina here to show you something a little different using the new and very pretty vintage Keisercraft Needle and Thread collection.

    Those who know my work would of noticed I like to make all sorts of things. This time we are using or I should say re- using a couple of tins!  I actually found myself in the supermarket looking at tin sizes rather than the contents!! But I think you will agree once you have finished you would never know they were a tin of soup and a little tin of spaghetti hoops!

In my sewing collection I have a large tin which could store your large sewing scissors, a small pin cushion storage tin and then a pin book. I have used the pin book to store the lovely large hat pin style pins we use in card making these days but could hold pins and needles for sewing.  
For the pin book I used some packaging card to make the cover and then covered it in the Keisercraft  Needle and Thread 12x12 bobbin paper for the outside and the Backstitch 12x12 paper for the inside. The letters are from the sticker sheet and matted onto a snippet of paper and then felt. The RicRac is also from the sticker sheet. I then added a piece of the collaged paper ( I think it was on the reverse of the Bobbin paper ) and a button from The Fruit Pixie bright collection that looked just right. To close my book I stuck some embroidery thread in between the paper and the back cover and then tied knots and added beads from my craft bits to make a little charm hanger decoration.

For the inside of my pin book I cut 2 pieces of felt with Pinking scissors, folded them in half and stitched then into the spine of my cover.
Then all you need to do is add your pins!
For the large tin I took a soup tin with a pull ring top. These give you a smoother rim on the top. Remember to keep your top as I have a cute idea for those too!!!!
Remove the label but keep it for later, then wash out well or put it in the dishwasher. Your family will think you have gone a bit mad but if they are anything like my Hubby they are used to that. ;)
 Then I used the label I had removed earlier as a template for the paper I wanted to use to cover the tin. I used the rest of the Backstitch 12x12 paper and then a row of the Bobbin 12x12 paper for the bottom and some of the measuring tapes from the reverse of the Backstitch 12x12 paper to decorate the top. I also added a couple of buttons from The Fruit Pixie pastel button collection with some embroidery thread tied through them to tie in with the Pin Book. 
For the small Pin cushion storage tin I used a smaller tin, again with a pull ring top. This is important for this little tin as we need the rim around the top. Again I removed the label and kept for later then washed it well.
You then need to cut 2 circles of very stiff card ( or 2 circles of less stiff card and stick them together to make a stiff card ) that will sit on the rim around the top of your tin with a little space fro expansion.
I then cut a larger circle of felt, stitched a running stitch around the outside and pulled it in and added stuffing and one of the card circles. I then pulled it in tight and knotted the threads together to form the pin cushion. Then I added the Embroidery thread decoration using a wet glue to stick them to the card bottom. Take the second card circle and glue to the bottom of the pin cushion to neaten everything off. You could also cut a circle of the decorative paper to cover the bottom circle if you would like.
The pincushion top should then fit in to the top of your tin, sitting on the lip around the top. I then used the label as a template to cut some of the Bobbin 12x12 paper and using a wet glue stuck it around the tin. I used some of the measuring tapes from the reverse of the Backstitch 12x12 paper to add decoration. To finish I added a button from the Fruit Pixie pastel button collection to the top of the pin cushion.
This would make a lovely gift for someone who enjoys their sewing, it is such a lovely paper collection with such a vintage feel to it, why not try it for yourself!
                    Happy crafting!
                                                               Till next time, love Katrina

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