Thursday, 19 December 2013

Reindeer glass charms

Ho ho ho, its design elf Katrina here with a little crafty project that will impress all you friends and family on Christmas day or at your Christmas cocktail party!!   A cute set of glass charms made using the lovely new reindeer stamps, wire and some shrink plastic.

    If you have never used them the way they work is you choose a charm and then hook it around the bottom of your wine glass. That way you know which glass is yours!

The first thing you need to do is stamp the Creative Expressions Duo Reindeer stamps onto some of the Judikins shrink Plastic using a Black archival ink and leave them to dry.

Once dry colour in. I chose a permanent ink pen but you can use all sorts of things like coloured pencils, Alcohol inks and chalks. You need to make sure they are all different so you know which one is yours.

You then need to punch a hole in the top, remember these will get quite a bit smaller so make a larger hole then you need.

Then its time to shrink them down. You can either do it in the oven or the way I prefer, using your heat tool. Instructions will be on the packaging of your shrink plastic.

Now you can make them into glass charms, cut a piece of wire long enough to go around the stem of the glass and also to make the hook and eye. Find something around the house to use as a form ( I used the wooden pole thing I put the kitchen paper on ). So make a loop, wrap the wire around the form. Repeat as many times as you want charms.

Take a jump ring and put through the hole in the top of your shrink plastic reindeer, then add another jump ring and thread onto the wire along with some beads to make it pretty!  Form a hook at the end to go through the loop, this will secure the charm around the stem of the glass.

Repeat until they are all made up into charms and you are ready to go!

I chose to do red, green and gold. A standing and jumping reindeer for each colour.

Have fun
                      Love Katrina 

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