Thursday, 5 December 2013

Ultra thick Embossing tree decorations

Hi Design Elf Katrina here. I am sorry it has been a while but I have been doing secret work for Father Christmas! I hope your Christmas preparations are going well too.

     I have been having some Christmas fun with the melt pot and Ultra Thick Embossing crystals to make some decorations for the tree.

  This is my first set simply made using the clear Ultra Thick Embossing crystals, cookie cutters and a texture tread. I then coloured them with Alcohol ink.

  Here are my clear Ultra Thick Embossing decorations

These two trees were made by melting and then pouring clear Ultra Thick Embossing crystals into a cookie cutter that is positioned on the texture tread. I used a snowflake one, I adore snow and love everything with a snowflake on it! But any f the texture treads would look great Make the hole on the top while the ornament it still warm. I then applied Bottle green Alcohol ink to the back. 

These two were made in the same way but using a round cookie cutter and then I used Steam blue Alcohol Ink but you could use any colour that matches your colour scheme. 

For these three I used small cutters in the same way to capture individual flakes!

These look lovely on the window, if they were clean! Of course beautiful on the tree with the fairy lights behind them but why not add one to that special gift this year to make it look even more special!

Thanks for looking and I am so sorry about the state of the window!! Stay tuned for another idea for Ultra Thick decorations!!


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