Thursday, 4 December 2014

Spool wreath Christmas decorations

Hello, Design elf Katrina here with the latest from my craft nook!

    Well to quote one of my favourite Christmas song it getting to look a lot like Christmas!! So I thought I would show you an super idea for a quick and easy Christmas decoration that can use up all those little scraps of Christmas paper you have, don't try to hide them, I know there are there :) Only because I have the same pile beside me!!

    For this decoration I used the whole wooden spools from Creative Expressions, the assorted music sheet pack and the vintage book pages pack too, both from the Fruit pixie. You will also need some wire and ribbon, the new Christmas ribbon would also be perfect for this project, and of course a bell or something for the middle.

So, how did I do it? First I cut a strip of the book paper to fit the inside of the spools and coloured it with some distress ink. I used Firebrick red but you can use whatever colour fits your Christmas colour scheme. 

Then just add wet glue to the spool sparingly and roll the paper around, add a dab of glue to the end and stick down. 

TIP - If you are having trouble getting the paper around the spool smoothly, curl the paper strip first with your scissors, like you would to curl ribbon, and it will help.

Repeat for 9 spools, I did 5 in the music and 4 in the book page. Cut a piece of wire long enough to go through your spools with some extra to form 2 small loops.

Make a small loop at one end of your wire and thread you spools on in the order you want. Thread the other end of the wire through the loop you have made and loop it back through finishing the end down inside the last spool.

Use these loops to attach your bell, I used a piece of bakers twine. Add a ribbon bow and something to hang it from your tree and you are done.

You can get 2 little wreaths from 1 packet of Creative Expressions whole wooden spools, so here is my other wreath, a little bit more fun perhaps. I used some Christmas paper scraps this time and of course that cute Father Christmas bells I have been keeping for just the right project, well I think this was it!!

I hope you like my little projects and will have a go yourself.

For a full shopping list visit the new Design team section on the Fruit Pixie website.

                               Happy Crafting!

                                                         Love Katrina

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