Saturday 30 June 2012

Illustrated Postmarks & Vintage Tickets

A few Ephemera Back in Stocks;

Illustrated Postmarks

Admission Tickets

Assorted Tickets

Illustrated Postmarks are packed in 20s, Admission Tickets & Assorted Tickets come in packs of 30. 
The vintage tickets are becoming difficult to source now so if you've been waiting patiently for them...stock up now!!

Contents will vary from those pictured, depending on what is currently available.

Wednesday 20 June 2012

New IndigoBlu

New Stamps and Accessories from IndigoBlu  including these fabulous Alice plates
Alice I

Alice II
and the very useful Sarah's Choice Plate

We are also now stocking the flitter glu starter kits with everything you need to start flittering and flaking

Saturday 2 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend Table Projects

Fabulous projects for your celebratory tables from Katrina;

Cutlery Envelope

For this cutlery envelope you will need -

* A sheet of the Ruby Rock it Vintedge paper

* Alterations Die Mini Paper Rosettes

* Alterations Die Mini Crown & Fleur

* IndigoBlu Flitter Glu

* IndigoBlu MegaFlakes Brighton Pier

* Exquisite Pigment Ink - Lapis

* Craftime Britannia Laser Mesh Sheets

* Craftime Britannia Mini Crystals

How I made it -

1. Make a template for an elongated envelope that will fit your cutlery. If you would like me to send you my template then just ask and I would be happy to send you mine. Cut it out of your paper and glue together.

2. Cut a crown from the mini crown die from a strong card. Follow the directions for the flutter glu and add the Mega flakes to gild your crown.

3. Use a scrap of the Vintedge paper to make a small Rosette from the Mini paper rosette die. Stick your gilded crown in the middle.

4. Ink around the edges of your envelope with the Lapis ink and then using one of the laser sheets gently sponge some of the ink through to decorate your envelope. Add your gilded crown rosette to the corner of your cutlery envelope and adorn with a few of the little gems and you are ready for your party!!


Napkin Rings

Another idea I had are these sweet napkin rings. These are sooo easy and fun to make.

You will need -

* I used one of the Ruby Rocket boarders but I think they are out of stock so you could use a strip of the paper.

* Alterations Die Mini Paper Rosettes

* Alterations Die Mini Crown & Fleur

* IndigoBlu Flitter Glu

* IndigoBlu MegaFlakes Brighton Pier

* Craftime Britannia Mini Crystals

To make your napkin rings -

1. Cut your paper strip or boarder to the size you need to fit your napkin. Stick together so it forms a ring.

2. Cut the number of crowns you need out of stiff card using the Mini crown die and following the instructions on the Flitter Glu gild your crowns. I just picked out the silver flakes for one and gold colours for the others but Brighton Pie comes as a mix.

3. Make up the number if mini rosettes you need using the mini rosette die and stick a crown in the centre of each and decorate with little gems.

4. Glue your decorated rosette to your napkin ring, add your napkin and add to your table!

Cupcake Decoration

Cupcake Flag

Next I thought about cup cake decoration, after all whats a party without cake??? Why I used the same colour background to photograph I is beyond me , sorry about that, but I think you can still see it. I would of photographed it again but ummm.... well we ate the cakes!! :D

You will need -

* Scraps of the Ruby Rocket vintedge paper

* Exquisite Pigment Ink - Lapis

* Alterations Die Mini Crown & Fleur

* IndigoBlu Flitter Glu

* IndigoBlu MegaFlakes Brighton Pier

*Craftime Britannia Mini Crystals

* Craft punches or cutting dies in 2 size circles

* Cocktail stick

To make -

1. Punch or cut 2 different circle sizes out of the Ruby Rocket Vintedge paper. Ink around the edges.

2. Cut a crown with the mini crown die out of stiff card and follow the instructions on the Flitter Glu to gild the crown with the Mega flakes. Decorate your crown with the crystals

3. Stick your cut circles on to of each other and stick the gilded crown in the centre. Stick a cocktail stick to the back and when dry poke into your cupcakes to decorate!!.

There are also some perfect size Union Jacks on the topper sheet in the Ruby Rocket Collection pack that are perfect for this.