Sunday 13 May 2012

Britannia Bracelet

I have been busy in my craft room again, playing with the wonderful Button Assortment Britannia. For just £1.00 you receive a load of buttons. I... then just added a spool of the bakers twine and made this cute bracelet. I thought this would be something older children could make as it is very simple. Here is how I did it.
 You will need -
* Button Assortment Britannia
* Creative Expressions Bakers Twine Black & White
* Imagination Crafts Magi Bond

Here is how I did it -
1. Cut off about 100cm of the bakers twine ( for an adult bracelet) and cut in half. This will give you plenty to play with. Put some of the PVA glue on the ends and leave to dry. This will make it a lot easier to work with.
2. While the glue is drying choose the buttons you want to use. I used a large white button with a red one to fit inside it for the middle piece, you will need buttons with 4 holes for the middle piece. I also used 2 blues and 2 whites, you will also need a tiny button for the clasp. Lay them out on your table top in the order you want then to be in the bracelet.
3. Fold both pieces of bakers twine in half. Take a piece of your folded twine and with the 2 buttons on top of each other with the holes lined up thread one of the cut ends through the bottom hole and the other end through the top on one side. Pull the twine through until you have a small loop that you can thread the cut ends through, like you would putting ribbon through a tag, and pull tight. Do the same with the other piece of folded twine through the two holes of the same button. Your middle buttons should be secure.
4. Take the next button in your design and thread onto your twine. If it has 4 holes then thread in straight lines or you can even make a cross. For buttons with 2 holes the twine is thin enough for both pieces to go through the holes, just do them one at a time. The glue hardened ends really help with this.
5. Continue to add your buttons.
6. The rest of the bracelet is made up with knots. This is how you can make the bracelet the right size for you. The twine knots beautifully so it is very easy to do. I used square knots, or reef if you were a girl guide. There are lots of videos on You tube that will show you how to do them, rather then me try and explain how they are done. Do have a look they are very very easy. I then used a loop clasp knot to make the loop at the end and your bracelet is done.

Queen for a Day

I just can't stop playing with the Ruby Rock it Vintedge paper pack. Its amazing how far it is going! This time I decided to do an 8x8 canvas but it could easily become a scrapbook page. I have used one of my many images but it could be a photo of a member of your family if you wanted to.

 You will need -
* Canvas, mine is 8x8
* Vintedge Collection Pack ( this includes all the chipboard pieces needed too)
* Eco... Green Acrylic Paint Aged Silver
* Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad Tea Dye
* That Special Touch Mica Mask - crown
* Alterations Die Mini Paper Rosettes
* Alterations Die Typeset Alphabet
* Button Assortment Britannia
* Craftime Britannia Mini Crystals
* IndigoBlu Rubber Stamp Harlequin
* Exquisite Pigment Ink - Walnut
* Vintedge Paper Twine 15yds
* Silver giltter pen
* Silver watercolour pencil
* Koi Water Brush Small
* Larger alphabet die or template or stickers for the Queen word
* Die cutting machine

Here's how I did it -
1. Cut a piece of the ledger paper with the bunting along the top to fit your canvas leaving a thin border and glue down.
2. Using the wonderful silver paint, paint the sides of your canvas and paint in your paper so it blurs into the background. All you need to do is paint over the edges of the paper slightly so you don't get that hard edge. Go around the edge with the tea dye distress ink and a blender tool.
3. Lay the mask down onto the canvas in the bottom right hand corner at a slight angle and draw around it. Use a watercolour pencil to roughly colour the outline in and then use your water brush to paint it out.
4. In with the paper pack you get a big bag of wonderful chipboard pieces. Choose 3 bunting pieces you like, 3 of the photo corners, a couple of images for around the picture and the bird on the clock. One of the bunting pieces might need trimming, depending on your photo, place the photo on the canvas with the bunting pieces in position over 3 of the printed bunting pieces. Then if need be draw a line along the edge of the photo on the bunting then just trim off with scissors.
5. Glue down the bunting chipboard pieces and the photo. Add the 3 photo corners to the photo and a crown from the sticker sheet from the pack onto the child's head
6. Make 3 small rosettes with the Union Jack paper as per the instructions on the die. Cut pieces of the Vintedge paper twine and thread then through 3 of the buttons from the button pack. Tie knots and stick the buttons to the centre of the rosettes. Stick the rosette to the bottom left corner overlapping the photo in a slight pile. Poke the 2 chipboard pieces you chose into the edges of the rosette pile.
7. Glue the bird on the clock to the right hand corner and stick a few of the crystals to the crown.
8. Cut the letters for A, for, the, day from the typeset alphabet die from the dark blue paper. Cut out the word Queen from the red background ( I used some templates I had but any die or template you have is fine ) I then stamped over then with the Harliquin stamp and the walnut ink then went around the edge with my silver pen.
9. Stick down all your words and you are done. Hope you enjoyed making your canvas.

London Card

I have been working with the new Paper Artsy Hot pick plate 1208. They have such great images that it was difficult to decide where to start. Just a small tip for using the photo style images, these or any photo style stamp...s, apply the ink with a brayer and you will get great results. Here is what I used for this card - 

 * PaperArtsy HotPick 1208
*Speedball Brayer 6"
*Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad Fired Brick
*Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad Frayed Burlap
*Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad Old Paper
*30 Assorted Tickets
*4 Transport Tokens
*10 Hunkydory A6 Card Blanks Dove White
* scrap of white card.
*3D Foam Pads Assorted

To make -
1. Apply Old paper distress in to the white card blank working in towards the middle.
2. Stamp the street names in Frayed Burlap to form a background.
3. Ink up the brayer with fired brick distress ink and roll the ink onto the bus stamp. Stamp onto a piece of white card stock.
4. Cut out the bus and apply some Old paper ink over the top to help blend it in to the background.
5. Arrange the tickets behind the bus and stick them down. Apply 3d foam to the back of the bus and place over the tickets. Stick one of the transport tokens on the front to finish the card.

Alterations Card

I have been in my craft room playing with all the wonderfull Fruit Pixie things and came up with this sewing themed card.

  I used -
* A6 card blank
* Texture Fades Pattern & Stitches
* Alterations Die Sewing Room
...* Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad Tea Dye
* Craftime Britannia Printed Dresses
* Button Assortment Britannia
* 60" Tape Measure
* Creative Expressions Bakers Twine Black & White 50 Yds
* 12 Assorted Safety Pins Brass
* Scrap of patterned paper
* A couple of pins from my pin cushion

 How I put it all together -
1. Run the card through your machine with the embossing folder.
2. Using distress ink bring out the embossed image on the card by rubbing the ink gently onto the card using the application tool.
3. Cut your patterned paper into a square using pinking sheers or decorative scissors.
4. Place one of the stich pattern embossing folders down the right hand side of the paper square and run it throught your machine. Sand lightly.
5. Draw or, as I did, draw around a card bobin you get to keep embrodiary thread or use the Alterations Die Sewing Room to cut your bobbin out. Wrap the butchers twine around it and secure.
6. Make 2 small holes and attach your safety pin to the paper. Stick the pattern paper to your card front using, use a wet glue because of the embossed surface.
7. Stick your tape measure to the card and trim off. Poke the pins into your bobbin and add it to the front of your card with the dress shape and 3 buttons and leave to dry.

Lynne Perrella Frame

I just love the new stamps from Paper Artsy Lynne Perrella and using one of my favourite techniques I came up with this frame. The frame came from the £1 shop but any frame with a deep surround will be fine.
 I used - PaperArtsy Lynne Perrella Collection LPC003
Fresco Finish Acrylics - Toad Hall
Crackle glaze
Honey dew
... London night
Tim Holtz distress ink
Template of your choice
White tissue paper
Black ink pad, one that drys on glossy surfaces
PVA glue
To alter your frame -
1. Remove the glass and rub the wood down with sandpaper and wipe off the dust. I gave my frame a coat of gesso but you don't have to. Paint the frame with the Toad Hall acrylic and leave to dry. Apply the crackle glaze with an old credit card or similar thing, if you have nothing like that just add a thin layer with a paint brush. Leave to dry or dry with a heat tool. Paint over the Honey dew and watch it crack!! Leave to dry.
2. Using your chosen template sponge through your distress ink using a piece of cut and dry.
3. Stamp out a variety of your images from the Lynn Perrella stamps on to tissue paper and once dry tear around then as close as you dare. Decide where they are all to go and then carefully, I find it easiest to use my finger, cover the backs of them with PVA glue and gently pat them into place. Leave to dry.
4. Apply some London night around the edges of your frame and once dry put your frame back together and its ready for a photo!
For close ups of the frame see Katrina's Blog

Britannia Card

Katrina here, I have been playing with some of the new Colour Connection products.
Glitter card is not what I usually use in my work but always up for a challenge I gave it a go and came up with this card.

  I used - Craftime Britannia Glit...ter Sheets
Craftime Britannia Handcrafted Roses
Craftime Britannia Pearlised Cards
Craftime Britannia Tags & Ribbons
Craftime Britannia Trinket Box
PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Acrylics - London night

  To make the card -
1. Cut the glitter card up into strips to make up the Union flag, glue the first layer to one of the blue pearlised cards then build them up using silicone glue, leave to dry.
2. Using sand paper rub the glitter card back as much as you like and then apply the acrylic paint, I used my finger, to antique it.
3. Take one of the tags and using PVA glue and a tooth pick build up little flowers using the beads and sequins in the trinket box, draw a border around the tag with a red glitter pen. Leave to dry.
4. Once everything is dry stick, again using silicone, one of the roses to the middle of the card and poke the top of the tag underneath to secure and your card is done! Have fun!!

Celebration Bunting

Hi there, Katrina here. I have been working on a colourful banner that would be great for any celebration but especially the Jubilee coming up this summer. There are a couple more photos in the photo album. Here is how I did it.

I used -
*... Craft UK Bunting Pack Jubilee Scallop. Also available in straight edge.
* Vintedge Collection Pack
* Craftime Britannia Glitter Chipboard Alphabets
* Craftime Britannia Glitter Sheets
* Craftime Britannia Laser Mesh Sheets
* Craftime Britannia Mini Crystals
* Imagination Crafts Magi Glitz Gel - Arctic Frost

How its all put together -
1. Make a template for the size of paper you want on your banners and cut out from the Vintedge papers. The problem being which ones to choose!! Stick them to the banners

2. Cut out circles from the glitter sheets and a smaller circle from the mesh sheets. You can use a punch or die cutting system.

3. I then found it easier to lay the banner out as you wish it to hand and place the glitter pieces and mesh pieces on top then the letters ( there are 3 e's in one pack of alphabets) Once you are happy with the way it looks use a wet glue, I use glue gel, on the back of the letter and stick it on top of the mesh and glitter circles. That way you glue it all down together. Then stick the glitter circle to the flag.

4. I then used a die cut to cut a decorative edge from the scraps of paper and decorated it with the mini crystals and dabs of the Magi Glitz gel. You can add any little gems you have or more of the mini crystals to the letters. Let it all dry and you can thread the flags onto the string that comes with the bunting pack and you are ready to hang it up.

Advent House

Advent House

 I made this house the first time for a class I taught at Bristol Scrappers for Halloween, when I was working on the Witches house I thought what a wonderful Christmas project it would make. The right side of the roof lifts up so you can fill it with treats and have one a day till Christmas. If you have any problems along the way please email me and I will try and help.

You will need -

* Foam core board or Grey board or Mount board ( available through your art shop or Hobby craft )
* 2 sheets Bo Bunny 12" Snowy Serenade Limited edition  - Serenity
* Tim Holtz Tissue tape
* PVA glue
* Tim Holtz Alterations - On the fence
* Tim Holtz Alterations alphabet - Carnivale and Typeset
* Imagination Glitz Gel - Art frost ( The most amazing glittery effect, treat yourself, you will be amazed!!)
* White and dark blue cardstock
* Pom Pom trim any other decorative trim, Bo Bunny do some nice ones.
* Butchers twine.
* Masking tape
* Thick cardstock
* Rock candy crackle paint.

1. Cut out the pieces you need from your Foam core board. You need -
                           Sides - x2 - 2.5 x 3.5"
                           Ends - x2 - 2.5 x 2.5" to the bottom of the apex then draw a triangle on the top to form your house shape.
                           Base -  x 1- 5 x 5
                           Roof - We will measure that later

2. Cover all the edges of the base, ends and the top edges of the sides with tissue tape. Cover all the pieces, both sides, with the Bo Bunny paper.

3. Using PVA glue all the sides together to form a house. You need to put quite a bit of glue on the edges then hold together until stuck. You can use the lines on your cutting mat to make sure it is square. Then stick to the base.

4.Measure the size of your roof pieces you need and cut them out of Foam core board. Cover the outside with tissue tape and the inside with Bo Bunny paper.

5. Cut a piece of masking tape slightly longer than the length of your roof pieces and place it sticky side up on the table. This is going to make the hinge in the roof. Place the right hand side roof piece tissue tape side down onto the right hand side of the masking tape. Then leave a gap, the thickness of the board you are using, and place the left hand roof piece on the left hand side of the masking tape, again tissue side down. Cut another piece of masking tape again slightly longer than the length of your roof piece and fold in half length ways. Place that in the gap between the roof pieces and using a bone folder burnish it well so it sticks to the other piece of masking tape and the sides of the roof, trim. You should now have a hinged roof. If it wont fit on your house re do your hinge leaving a slightly wider gap between the roof pieces. Glue the left side of the roof to the house, leaving the other side to be lifted up to get your treats out !

6. Cover the masking tape with tissue tape and glue the Pom Pom trim around the roof. You will need to make a cut at the top of the apex so the roof can open.

7. Cut 4 fence pieces from the On the Fence die, then 8 pieces from the white card. You can cut more than 1 piece at a time. Stick the white card to one side of the the fence pieces and paint on the Rock Candy crackle paint. Leave to dry. Stick the remaining pieces of white card to the other side of the fence pieces.

8. Cut out numbers 1 - 24 in dark blue card from the Alterations Carnival alphabet and cover them in Glitz Gel leave to dry. Stick numbers 1 - 23 around the sides, back and roof of the house. Leave the front for a door cut from white card and mount onto the dark blue card and add the number 24 and outline with the Glitz Gel. Stick to the house.

9. Glue Butchers twine around the roof and the door and stick the fence around the base. Cut Let it snow four times and stick them around the fence. Apply the Glitz Gel so it looks like snow. Leave to dry and fill with treats! Now you are ready to count down to Christmas!!

Steampunk Charm Bracelet

Steampunk Charm bracelet with paper beads

You will need -
* A selection of steampunk charms
* Large link chain, you could use Tim Holtz Idealogy Lace chain
* Jump rings
* Closure
* Bo Bunny Timepiece paper collection 6x6 pad
* Beads
* Wire
* Inkssentials sepia Accents
* Cocktail picks
* Side cutters and round nose pliers
* PVA glue

1. Using your side cutters cut a piece of your chain the length you need. Open your jump rings by twisting front to back. Attach your charms onto the chain.
2. Choose a piece of paper from the paper pad and cut a strip of paper 2.5 cm wide. Cut in half and form the end into a long point. Ink the edges. Roll your bead up from the straight edge around a cocktail stick. Unroll the bead half way and apply PVA glue then roll back up and hold until stuck. Leave the bead on the cocktail stick and paint on the Sepia accents and then leave to dry. Make up as many beads as you need.
3. Once the beads are dry wrap wire around each bead. Using your other beads make up little charms on your head pins, leave enough space at the top to be able to make it into a loop to attach to the bracelet.
4. Take your round nose pliers and bend the head pin over to 90 degrees. Group the very end of the head pin in the pliers and wind around the end of the pliers to form a loop. Don't close it over completely until you have it hooked over your chain then finish the loop off. Repeat for the rest of the beads.
4. Attach your clasp with a jump ring and its ready to wear!!

Kimono Card

Kimono card

Katrina  used -
* Craft UK 6 x 6 Card Blanks Kraft
* A4 Vintage Oriental Calligraphy ( I used a Chinese book page but these papers are perfect )
* Replica Chinese Coins Tiny
* Assorted Oriental Ephemera
* Alterations Die Vintage Lace
* Distress ink Fired brick

1. Tear your paper to fit on the front of your card. Apply fired brick distress ink to the edges of the paper and card and stick the paper down
2.Use the vintage lace die to cut a piece of lace using a scrap from the cut off of the woodcut card or any gold card
3. In my Oriental Ephemera pack I had the red envelope and the playing card, which I cut in half, and the little folded kimono. What ever you have in yours set them out on the front of the card in a pleasing pattern adding a piece of the vintage lace you have just cut and one of the little coins. Once you are pleased with it stick it all down and admire the finished card.

Dragon Card

Dragon card

 Katrina used -
* Craft UK 6 x 6 Card Blanks Kraft
* Crafthouse Press Oriental Woodcut Prints
* A4 Vintage Oriental Calligraphy ( I used a page from a Chinese book but these papers would be perfect )
* Assorted Joss Papers
* Replica Chinese Coins Tiny
* Assorted Oriental Ephemera
* Alterations Die Vintage Lace
* Distress ink Black soot

1. Tear your calligraphy paper to fit the front of your card. Apply some black ink to the edges
2. Choose the image from the woodcut prints you would like to use and cut the image down slightly. Apply some black ink to the edges.
3. Stick the paper to the card and then apply your double sided tape to the card where you want the Joss paper circle to be. Joss paper will tear very easily, so I find it easier to apply the tape or glue to the card and place the Joss paper on top.
4. In my Oriental Ephemera pack I had the little game card which I cut in half and placed half behind the woodcut . Stick this to the card.
5. Cut a piece of the vintage lace using the Alterations vintage lace die, I used what was left of my chocolate bar foil wrapper, a good excuse to have a certain bar of chocolate, and stick to the bottom of your woodcut.
6. Place a Chinese coin to the top of the woodcut and you are finished.

Shrink Plastic Zentangle Doll

Shrink Plastic Zentangle Doll

You will need -

* Shrink plastic
* Archival ink pad
* Artistic Stamper Art doll stamp- large
* Permanent small nib pen
* Heat tool
* Hole punch
* Jump rings, I used 7mm ones
* round nosed pliers
* Scissors

To make your doll-

1. Stamp out the body parts onto your shrink plastic. You might find it easier to put your stamp onto the table and then the shrink plastic onto the stamp. Leave to dry.

2. Decorate you doll with your permanent pen. I used Zentangle patterns to decorate mine.

3. Cut out the body parts, punch the holes on the limbs and then using your heat tool shrink them down.

4. Attach the body parts to each other with jump rings and play!!

Dapper Man ATC

Dapper man ATC
This was made up using the CraftHouse press Men's, Transport and Sport CD rom and the Woodware ATC blanks.
Print out the motor background paper, the dapper man decoupage sheet, the vintage cars background and the small letter sheet. Cut out the elements and collage together.

Katrina's ATC Folder


ATC Folder - If you make or collect ATCs its nice to have something to keep them in to show your friends your collection. This is a lovely way to keep a themed collection together too.

OK you will need-
some card stock,
Woodware Vellum envelope ATC kit,
Crafthouse Press collage sheets - Brodies Imperial collage and American prescription,
U mount Vintage games stamp set,
Distress ink - old paper and Tea die,
old book papers,
Imagination Inkadinks - brights
Alterations Die Chip Block alphabet

To make -
1. From your card stock cut a piece 8 3/4 by 3 inches, a piece 3 3/4 by 3 inches and a third piece 5 1/2 by 3 inch
2. Take your 8 3/4 by 3 piece and score at 4 and 4 1/2 inches. Fold. This is your back and cover. Take the 5 1/2 by 3 piece, with the 3 inch being the height, score and fold every 1/2 inch to form a fan fold. this is the bottom of your folder.
3. Use your Distress inks to age all your card pieces and the stamp the checker board from the U mount stamp set onto the front cover. Using a foam sponge apply the blueberry ice ink from the inkadinks around the outside edges. Cover the reverse with book papers.
4. Use double sided tape to attach the back cover to the fan folded piece. Cut 2 small strips of card and attach them to the front of the fan fold, fold around then back up the back of the fan fold to keep it all under control. Then attach the 3 3/4 by 3 pieces of card stock to the front of the fan fold.
5. Carefully take out 5 of the vellum envelopes, the library card style ones, from the set, make them up and then attach with double sided tape to the back of each fold.
6. Now to decorate the front. Cut out and distress with ink the 2 playing cards from the collage sheet. Stamp onto brown paper the middle part of the Bingo card and the heart and club images from the stamp set with brown ink. Cut out Bingo card strip and use a round punch to cut out heart and club images.Stick the cards and Bingo strip to front cover.
7. Cut another strip of card to make the closer, bend around and stick to the back of inside cover. To this attach the heart and club images and A T C cut from the Alterations alphabet.
All you need to do now is fill it with ATCs!! If you want to use more envelopes, then just make a longer fan fold base. I have made a larger one using little brown envelopes to keep my Cinema tickets in, decorated accordingly.

House Bag & Spotty Bag

House Bag

Take 1 Eco cotton bag and cut a piece of stiff card, like cereal box card , and cover it in a plastic bag. Place this inside the canvas bag to prevent it sticking together.
Using masking tape tape off your design area and the horizon at the bottom of your sky.
Make sure it is all well stuck down. Paint the sky with Eco Green Acrylic paint ( I used waterfall ) Leave to dry. Then tape off the top of the grass leaving a gap between the sky and grass.
Paint this with Eco Green Acrylic paint ( I used Lime for this ) leave to dry.
Then paint the in between bit, you could use something like stone.
Using the Tim Holtz Alterations Town scape die cut out a piece of funky foam and stick onto a piece of clear packaging. Do the same with the Tim Holtz Alterations Gadget gears, the small one.
Remove the horizontal tape from your bag, add paint to the townscape stamp ( I used pumpkin ) and stamp onto the bit in between the sky and grass. Do the same with the small gear stamp with the same colour to make the sun.
Fill in any missed bits with a paint brush and leave to dry. Remove all the tape and using a permanent black marker pen outline the houses, sun and around the whole design, don't worry about wobbly lines it all adds to the look of your bag.
Select a button from the brights button bag and stick to the middle of the sun using Imagination crafts magi bond. Once the glue is dry remove the card and you are ready to go shopping!!

Spotty Bag

Spotty canvas bag

Take 1 Eco Cotton bag and using masking tape, tape off the area you wish to paint making sure it is well stuck down.
Cut some stiff card, like a cereal box, to the size of your bag and put that into a plastic bag. Place this inside your canvas bag to prevent it sticking together.
Paint your background colour in using the Eco Green Acrylic paint ( I used Lime ) and leave to dry.
Use a circle punch or die punch a circle out of funky foam and stick that to a piece of clear packaging to form your own foam stamp.
When the background is dry paint your circle stamp with a different colour Eco Green Acrylic paint ( I used Raspberry ) and stamp onto your bag, you may have to fill in the little bits the stamp misses free hand. Leave that to dry.
Select buttons from the button assortment packs ( I used the brights ) and stick to the middle of the circles with Imagination crafts magi bond, this has the best tiny nozzle I have ever used.
Once everything is dry remove the tape and card from inside and you are done!!

Home ATC

Home ATC -

Using the Tim Holtz Alterations die Townscape cut different co-ordinating pattern papers, about 3. Take an ATC blank from any of the wonderful ATC blank sets ( I used the Woodware blanks ) and using the Imagination crafts Inkadinks ( I used the brights ) which are my new fave things, paint yourself a background. Don't worry too much about this just a line of green and a wider line of yellow and orange.
Take the Townscape you cut earlier and cut up the individual houses and then re form a line of houses on your ATC. You don't have to copy it to the letter. Once you are happy stick them down.
Use a black pen to outline the houses and add some stars and the word home at the bottom. If you don't want to do your own lettering then you could use stickers or rubber stamps or even the great new alphabet dies from Tim Holtz.

Wild West Book Tunnel Card

Book Cover

Book Tunnel card-
I made this card for my Hubby's birthday, he loved cowboys and Indians as a child but it would make a great Fathers Day card too. All the images come from the fantastic Crafthouse Press Men's travel and Sport CDrom. You will need to print out the Boys adventure and cowboy being chased by a train decoupage onto card then one of the background papers ( I used the advertising one ) onto both sides of a piece of printable cardstock.

Cut out all the bits of decoupage and then measure the size of the background image of the Boys adventure and cut a piece of the background paper the same height. Take this piece and score every 1cm, fold into a fan fold.
Decide how many pieces of the cowboy and train decoupage you want to use and remembering you need the back piece and an extra mountain fold for the cover, cut the number of folds off you need.
Do the same amount for the other side. If you do all the layers you need 5 mountains for your sides. Using Imaginations crafts magi bond, this is ideal for this as it has such a fine nozzle, run some glue down the first 1cm at the back and glue to the back of your background image.
Do the same for the other side. Take the next image in the layering and stick that to the down side of the next mountain, the same on the other side.
Carry on until all your larger images are used up, the cowboy on his horse and the bit of rock I used 3d foam to put them onto the picture as you would normal decoupage.
You should now have an extra mountain at the front. Cut a piece of acetate the same size as the card and stick to the up side of the extra mountain at the front.
Cut two 1cm strips from your background paper and glue them to the front of your acetate to frame the tunnel picture.
Cut a piece of background paper to cover the back of your Book of adventure image which will be the book cover and then stick that to the outside of the extra mountain on the left hand side to form the hinge. You can cut extra 1cm strips to cover any white card.
Decoupage up the front of your cover and cover the back of you card and you are all done.
You can also print off an envelope from the CDrom to match.

Tunnel Card

Tunnel Card

Top View of Tunnel Card
Tunnel card
You will need, from the CraftHouse press Men's, Transport and Sport CD rom, the Happy Woman decoupage sheet and Airmail background paper printed onto card and a piece of acetate.

From the Airmail background sheet cut out 2 pieces 4 3/4 x 2 1/4 inches. Then score lines at 1/2 inch then 1/4 inch fold up into a fan fold with the pattern on the outside, do the same with the other piece. Cut out the background of the decoupage.
Then cut out the other layers with as much spare area to the side as possible. OK now to put it all together.
Using PVA glue, the Imagination Crafts magi bond is great for this as it has such a thin nozzle and gives you a tiny line of glue, run a line of glue down the back of the last fold in you fan folded sided. Push the background into the fold so it meets the edge of the fold. Do the same on the other side.
Line up the next layer and run a line of glue down one side, stick the layer to the back of the next fold ( if there is not enough card to do that just cut a slither of white card and use it as a bridge from the image to the side )
Do the same on the other side and for the other 2 images.
Once they are all in place cut a piece of acetate to fit and glue to the back of the 1/2 inch front fold, add a 1/2 inch piece to the top and bottom of the background sheet to make the frame.
Cover the back with background paper to make it neat and tidy and add the title " A Happy Woman" to the top and you are done.

The Motor

The Motor Car Card
From the CraftHouse Press Men's, Transport and Sport CD rom.

Print off the motor car background paper, insert, envelope and Ephemera sheet. 
Cover the front of your card using the background paper, use distress ink around the edge to age.
Cut out the Motor magazine from the ephemera sheet, add distressing ink around the edge and add to the front.
Cut out the insert and add to the inside.
Cut out and fold up the envelope, stick together and you are ready to send.

Pocket Card

Pocket card :-
From the CraftHouse Press Men's, Transport and Sport CD rom

Print off the car background paper, insert and envelope, the ephemera sheet and dapper young man decoupage sheet all in paper then the car tag sheet on card ( or if you do not have printable card do it onto paper then mount it onto card after )
Cover the front of your card with the background paper, distress around the edges with distress ink.
Cut out the magazine article from the ephemera sheet, distress around the edges with distress ink and cut down to fit the front of your card, add double sided tape to the two sides and bottom and add to the front of your card to make the pocket.
Cut out one of the dapper gents and add him peeking out of the pocket.
Cut out 2 tags, run the distress ink around the edgers, add greetings if you want too, add Fibre to the holes and pop them into the pocket.
Cut out and add the insert inside.
Cut out and make up the envelope.

Spooky Skull

Spooky Altered Skull

You will need -

     Plastic skull - mine was from Wilkinsons for 50p
     10 Assorted vintage book page pack
     Silkies by Imagination crafts - I used Pearl satin and Onyx satin
     Imaginations Crafts Magi bond
     Black Stickles
     Craft sheet

 1. Tear any borders off of your book pages and keep to use on later projects, I love to stamp onto them to give you an instant vintage look. Tear them into strips from top to bottom and crumple them a little. This helps them mould to the shape of the skull.

 2. Apply PVA glue to the back of each strip in turn making sure they are covered edge to edge and cover the whole skull. While the glue is still wet press it into the features of the skull.

 3. Cover the skull with Pearl Satin Silkies. I found the easiest, perhaps not the cleanest way, was to paint some onto the craft sheet and then using my finger rub it onto the skull. Once you have covered it completely highlight his features using the Onyx Satin Silkies. You only need a tiny amount so again I found it easier to control to use my finger.

 4. Add black Stickles for his eyes and you have your own spooky altered skull!!   Happy Halloween!!

Chinese Triptych

Chinese Triptych

Katrina used -

* Card stock
 * 20 Assorted Josss paper pack

* Assorted Oriental Ephemera

* 12 Crafthouse Press Oriental Woodcut Prints

* Replica Chinese coin

* Alterations Die Vintage lace

* Imaginations Crafts Magi Bond

* Eco Green Acrylic Paint Pure Gold

* Craft time Silicone glue

* Hougie board - optional

1. Cut a piece of card 8x5" and sore a line at 2" and 6" so you get 3 panels, 2" 4" 2".

2. Apply PVA glue to the middle panel and stick one of the Joss papers. Don't worry if it goes over into the other panels, it is so thin it won't show. Cover the side panels in the same way.

3. Cut out one of the wood cut images and glue it to the left hand panel. Cut the images from the chopstick wrapper and glue them down the right panel.

4. Cut a length using the Alterations vintage lace die from a co-ordinating paper or card ( I used the wrapper from my Chocolate bar I was eating at the time, well you have to have chocolate when you are crafting and I'll use anything in my projects!! ) and glue it to the top and bottom of the middle panel.

5. Paint the Eco Green pure gold paint round the edges of your triptych and around the images from the chopstick wrapper to help them blend in.

6. Glue a Chinese coin the top of the left panel and bottom of the right one using silicone glue, leave to dry and you are finished!

Halloween Treat Cone

Halloween Treat Cone
* Tim Holtz Idea-ology paper stack seasons
* Tim Holtz Idea-ology Salvage stickers seasonal
* Alterations die Mini Rosettes
* Tissue paper
* Orange card and black card
* Ribbon and bakers twine
* Double sided tape
* Imagination Magi bond
* Dinner plate
1. Draw around your dinner plate on scrap paper and divide into 3, like the old CND logo. Cut 1/3 of it out and test it makes a good cone shape. Place your template onto the Halloween paper from the seasons paper stack, the curved edge being the top and draw around it, cut it out.
2. Place double sided tape around the curved edge of the shape. Cut a piece of tissue paper slightly wider then you need to go around the cone and deep enough for you to add all your treats. Peel off the backing of the tape and stick the tissue paper to the cone.
3. Roll the cone up and stick together with double sided tape. Fill with treats and tie up with ribbon and bakers twine.
4. Make up a large rosette from the Alterations die. The Imaginations magi bond is great for making these up as its so fast drying it stops them biting back!!! Add the 31 sticker from the Halloween sheet of the Salvage stickers. Stick to front of your cone.
5. Take the Trick or treat sticker from the Salvage stickers and back with black card, cut another piece of black card the same size. Sandwich one end of the bakers twine between your 2 pieces of black card to form a tag. You could write a message on this if you wish.
6. Cut the top of your tissue paper into points, add some black ink and you are done!!

Boo! Happy Halloween

Halloween Pennant

* Stix 2 cardboard sheets, cut into a pennant shape
* Tim Holtz Idea- ology paper stash seasonal
* Black, purple and orange card stock
* Alterations Die Mini paper rosettes
* Imagination Crafts Magi Bond
* Tim Holtz Idea-ology Memo Pins
* Die cuts to decorate
* Craftime Silicone adhesive
* Wire
1. Cover your pennant shape with your choice of Halloween paper from the seasonal paper pad.
2. Punch 2 holes at the top and thread the wire through and secure to form a hanger

3. Make up 2 of the larger rosettes in orange and one smaller one in purple. I find the Imaginations crafts magi bond is great for making these up as it is so fast drying it stops them fighting back!! Cut the orange ones in half with scissors and stick to the top of your pennant.
4. Cut out your decorations in black card and stick to the pennant. Slide an embellishment into the Memo pin.
6. Add any little bits and bobs you wish to make it your own and you are done!!

Thinking of you card

Thinking of you card

Joanna Sheen Country diary of an Edwardian lady CDRom
Backing paper and 2 images and flowers extra sheet
Card stock

Cover card base with backing paper and mat image.
Cut out a few flowers and leaves from second image and decoupage to main image.
Apply ribbon to the bottom of your card with another violet from extra bits sheet.

Twisted Easel

Twisted easel card from Dancing with shadows cd rom -
Backing paper and image from Joanna sheen Dancing with shadow cd rom
Navy A4 card stock
 Edge punch

     Cut or use a square card, it had to be square for this to work, fold one of the outside corners on a diagonal to the opposite corner. Depending on which one you fold will depend on which way your easel will open. Mount your image onto a piece of card the same size as your finished card base, punch the edges if you want to. Punch another strip of card and add a piece of the backing paper and ribbon to form the butt strip, so the card stays standing up, apply some thin 3d foam to the back and stick to card base. Decorate with a few gems to finish off.

Stamped Candle

Stamped candle

Use a cheap candle for this, the expensive ones don't work so well.
Stamp the birds in grass from the PaperArtsy Hotpick 1005 plate onto some white tissue paper.
Tear around your stamped image and lay onto your candle.
Wrap greaseproof paper around your candle and hold tight, this holds your tissue in place.
Take your heat gun and gently heat over the image.
You will notice the image will appear clearer through the greaseproof paper this is when its time to move on.
When you have covered the whole image gently peel off the greaseproof paper.
The tissue paper should of compleatley disapeared into the candle.
Wrap some raffia around the candle and tie a knot, add a safety pin and you are finished.

Bingo Notebook

Bingo notebook

Take one of the Bingo cards from the Vintage Bingo card pack and fold in half.
Paint the other side with Eco Green paint.
Cut some copy paper slightly smaller than the Bingo card and fold in half to make your pages.
Clamp your pages and cover together with a peg so they can't move, take a bradel or paper needle and carefully make a hole in the middle of your fold through the pages and cover.
Make 2 more holes, 1 half way between the middle hole and the top and the second between the middle hole and the bottom.
Take some strong thread and stitch your pages in.
Choose a large headed brad and attach to the front, use white glue to attach a wooden bingo number. Punch a small hole in the back cover and thread a small piece of elastic through, knot into a loop.
This needs to be long enough to go around the bingo number to keep the little book closed.
Use one of the Tim Holtz die cut alterations alphabets to add BINGO onto your notebook.

Birdsong Card

Birdsong card

Spray an A4 sheet of card with Inkylicious Lime and one using Raspberry.
Cut out the die cut bird using the PaperArtsy songbird die from the Raspberry coloured sheet.
Stamp the bird image from PaperArtsy Hotpick plate 1005 onto the die cut.
Cover the front of your card with a piece from your Lime coloured card.
Stamp some swirls along the top with brown ink and the grass stamp and seed head along the bottom. Glue your stamped bird die cut onto your card then stamp the word song onto a scrap of the Raspberry card and cut out.
Stamp the word bird onto the card and glue the cut out bird word underneath.
Finish by stamping the little lable stamp onto the front and if you like the look run a pen around the card edge.

Seed head card

Seed head card

Spray a piece of white A4card with Inkylicious lime and then one of the raspberry colour.
Cover the front of your card with the raspberry coloured card and then cut a piece of the lime coloured card slightly smaller than your card size.
Stamp around this piece with the swirl from the PaperArtsy Hotpick plate 1005 in a light coloured ink. Stamp the seed head from the same set in the middle in a copper ink.
On another piece of lime coloured card stamp the filmstrip, again from the same plate, in the same ink and cut out.
Add a greeting to the middle of the filmstrip image and then layer up your card to finish.

Altered Copsticks

Altered Chopsticks
Drill a small hole into the top of the chopstick from the Assorted Oriental Ephemers pack.
Cover with Oriental paper from your pack with white glue.
Tear a strip of the gold leafed paper in the pack and apply around your chopstick.
Using wire attach a coin from the Replica Chou dynasty key coins along with some beads to finish.

Glaeken & Lady Audrey

Two more fabulous projects from Katrina using stamps from the new Octopode Factory range;

Glaeken Card

You will need :-
Glaeken stamp from The Octopede Factory
U - mount Vintage Treasures stamp set
U- mount Vintage Illision stamp set
7 Gypsies Steampunk set
Bo Bunny 6x6 Time piece paper pad collection
What ever you like to colour in with
Distress ink - brushed corduroy
Koi water brush medium
1. Stamp out Glaeken, colour him in and cut him out.
2. From the Vintage Treasures set stamp out using the distress ink the grid and the saying on to white card. Immediately after take your water brush and draw the ink in from the sides. If you want more colour just brush your water brush over the ink pad lightly and paint it onto your stamped image, that will give you a darker colour. Leave to dry. I then stamped the little light bulb in the top left corner and from the 7 Gypsies set the do not disturb in the bottom left and the plate IX on a separate scrap of card, again do the same with your water brush.
3. From the Vintage Illisions set stamp out the larger of the train drawing with the distress ink and again pull the ink in from the edges with your water brush. Leave to dry.
4. Cut out all your stamped images then put the card together. Use up all the scraps for the background for this card, tear 3 strips of the Bo Bunny papers and glue them to a card blank. Stick on the grid with Glaeken on top and the other images at the side as in the picture. You could add a sentiment instead of the saying if you wanted to.

Lady Audrey Card

You will need :-

Lady Audrey stamp from The Octopode Factory

Black Ink
What ever you like to colour with
Bo Bunny 6x6 Timepiece collection paper pad
Alterations die Gadget Gears
An alternative to the mat shape I used you could use either Alterations die mini Baroque or Ornamental
Screw head brads by Creative Expressions - coming soon!
1. Cover your card blank with one of the papers from the paper pad.
2. Cut out with your dies a mat and a couple of the small gears from another of the papers ( great to use up your scraps)
3. Stamp out Lady Audrey colour her in and cut her out.
4. Cut a couple of thin strips from the stripy paper, I added a die cut buckle to match her hair but any other embellishment would do.
5. To put the card together glue the mat to the middle of the card, a strip of paper top and bottom, Lady Audrey on top the mat and the cogs either side of the mat with a brad inside. There is plenty of room to add a sentiment if needed.

Octopode Factory Birthday Card

The wonderfully talented Katrina has produced a fabulous Steampunk themed Birthday card featuring one of the new Octopode Factory characters. Thus one is Winston; he looks like a cross between an eccentric professor and an Airship pilot!

Katrina's Instructions:
You will need -
* Octopode Factory Winston stamp
* Creative expression Vintage Illision stamps
* Eco Green steampunk stamp set
* Bo Bunny Timepiece 6x6 paper pad
* Alterations die Typeset alphabet
* Alterations Die Gadget Gears
* Brown ink pad
* What ever you like to colour in with
* Card blank

1. Stamp out Winston, colour him in and cut him out.
2. Stamp out the net from the Eco Green set onto some of the Bo Bunny paper and cut out.
3. Cover your card blank with your choice of paper from the Bo Bunny paper pad and stamp the cogs from Creative Expressions vintage Illisions set in the corner and the ruler from the Eco Green set at the bottom.
4. Cut out some cogs from a darker paper from the paper pack and Happy Birthday from the Alterations alphabet
5. Now all there is to do is put the card together. Stick the net stamped panel onto the card and Winston on top. Stick on the cogs and letters. I then went around the cogs and letters with a brown pen. Your card is now done.
Why not try it with some of the other characters? They are all great!

Steampunk Artdoll

The Steampunk style is really pushing through to mainstream now even though the 'genre' has been around since the 80's. This is a great way to try out the Steampunk style on a smaller scale. There are loads of papers, stamps and bits and pieces around now that fit right in with the Steampunk theme.
If you fancy stretching your mechanical wings more give this fabulous project a try.
Happy Steaming!!!

Steampunk Artdoll -

I used the following - * Die cut paper doll with brads
* Bo Bunny 6x6 Timepiece collection
* Daisy Bucket clearly Petite sprocket stamp
* Eco Green chipboard sprockets
* Eco Green steampunk stamp set
* Tim Holtz movers and shakers sprocket dies
* Eco Green Acrylic paint - skin colour
* Ranger crackle paint

I also used - * Faces from pictures or magazines or draw them yourself
* Hat, tie and bag from an old catalogue or a magazine
* Wire to make her glasses and a piece of chain and eye pin to make the tie pin and chain
* Decorative pearls and feather from my pet Cockatiel( he was moulting promise! )

How I put her together -

1. Pop out all your paper doll bits. You might want to give her a bit more of a waist, draw more of an hour glass figure and cut along the lines. Paint the neck and arms skin colour. Choose your face and glue to the head, trim any excess card off around the face and make the neck fit the face by trimming down.

2. Use your dolls body and arm as templates, draw round them on the back of your choice of paper then design your top around them. Remember the way your pattern runs on your paper. Cut them out.

3. Attach your legs to your body, any brad will do as you won't see them and then lay them on the back of your chosen paper for your skirt and design the skirt you want. Cut out. Use a tiny scrap of the card from the leftover of your doll to make heels for your dolls boot/shoes. Stick the heel to the back of the foot and re-shape the foot to look like a boot/shoe and paint them. Use a pen to add detail once dry.

4. Now you have all the basics done its time to decorate your doll's clothes. I used the movers and shakers sprockets and cut them out of the dark red plain paper and added them to her skirt. Stamped the sprocket stamp on the sides of her top. Using the steampunk stamp set stamped the words and small dream and believe onto old book paper, cut out and stuck the larger words to her skirt and small ones to the top of her sleeves. Her hat, tie and bag came from an old catalogue but you could either make them yourself or cut out from a magazine. Her hat was decorated with a painted chipboard sprocket and then crackled with the ranger crackle paint and a feather donated by Dexter , one of my cockatiels.

5. Her glasses were simple to make. Use some thin wire and wind one end around the end of something that is the size you need and secure by twisting the wire round itself a few times. Take whatever you used to make the round and place it right next to the formed circle, bring the wire over your form and secure again over what will be the nose part of your glasses. Cut off with wire cutters NOT your best scissors and play about with them till you are happy. I glazed mine with a product called fantasy film but you don't have to. You can add a chain and pin like me if you would like then all you have to do is add all those little bits to make it yours. Enjoy!