Sunday, 13 May 2012

Shrink Plastic Zentangle Doll

Shrink Plastic Zentangle Doll

You will need -

* Shrink plastic
* Archival ink pad
* Artistic Stamper Art doll stamp- large
* Permanent small nib pen
* Heat tool
* Hole punch
* Jump rings, I used 7mm ones
* round nosed pliers
* Scissors

To make your doll-

1. Stamp out the body parts onto your shrink plastic. You might find it easier to put your stamp onto the table and then the shrink plastic onto the stamp. Leave to dry.

2. Decorate you doll with your permanent pen. I used Zentangle patterns to decorate mine.

3. Cut out the body parts, punch the holes on the limbs and then using your heat tool shrink them down.

4. Attach the body parts to each other with jump rings and play!!

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