Friday 15 March 2019

Craft Consortium decoupage paper MDF pot

Hello, design elf Katrina here to show you my latest project. This time I am using a little MDF pot from The Works. I covered it with the Craft Consortium decoupage paper.

To start with I removed the little hearts from the pot. These come out so you can add a photo if you like. 

I painted the outside of the pot white. The reason for that is so the full colour of the decoupage papers will shine through. The inside I chose a dusky pink. All Cosmic Shimmer paint.

The little hearts I covered with the beautiful Cosmic Shimmer silk glitter 

I then covered the outside of the pot with the Craft Consortium decoupage paper Travel Stamps

Once everything was dry I returned the little glittery hearts to the pot and filled it with my wax crayons.

It’s a lovely little project, great for Children too. 

Any questions just ask below

So until next time, happy crafting
Love Katrina x