Wednesday 7 August 2019

Disney button ribbon bookmarks

Hello, Design elf Katrina here.

      I don’t know if you have come across the Disney buttons in the button section of the Fruit Pixie shop but you can find some very cute sets there. 

Sarah-Jane sent me a few sets to play with, so when I came across this wonderful idea for making ribbon and button bookmarks I knew what I was going to make.
 The examples of the bookmarks I found were made using plain buttons but I used the Disney buttons instead!

I also had some of the beautiful vintage glass buttons that you can also find in the button section and so used one of those to make a bookmark using a piece of embroidered ribbon I had bought many years ago in Austria.

 There wasn’t much left but just enough for a bookmark 

This is  a great project for using a special pieces of ribbon or off cuts from other projects

I think they would make great back to school gifts perhaps for the bookworm in your family.

Of course they don’t have to just be for keeping your place in your novels. They are great for your journal, favourite recipes in your cook books 
or keeping your page in a text books too.

All you need is a piece of ribbon, hairband to match your ribbon, a Disney button and a needle and thread!

Which ever characters you choose, I hope you have fun making
 your Disney ribbon bookmark.

Love Katrina