Sunday 19 January 2014

Graphic 45 Bohemian Bazaar envelope album

Hi , Katrina design elf here with another project using the Graphic 45 Bohemian Bazaar paper collection.

Included in the collection is a page of wonderful postcard style images - 12x12 Lap of Luxury - just itching to be chopped up and used in a mini album, so that's what I have done with this album

For the base of the album I have used envelopes and then bound them in a concertina spine

The way I did this is I took my envelopes, one for each page you want and stick down the flap. Then cut the envelope to size and seal the now open end of the envelope with some Indigoblu washi tape. If you have the correct size envelope handy then you need not do that bit.

For the spine cut a piece of the card to the hight of your envelopes and then score and concertina the card up to form your spine. Glue the envelopes into the folds on one side only once they are decorated.

I used 2 of the postcards for the covers, they are all double sided.

For each envelope page I covered both sided of the envelopes and used a circle punch to punch out a half circle so you can easily pull out the postcard inside. For the page above I used the 12x12 Dazzling delights for the background and then one of the chipboard tags and little round chipboard pieces along with a scrap of the Kaleidoscope paper

This page above has the Mystical Masterpiece as the background and then I used some of the chipboard pieces and the little envelope, which has a little tag inside, and the large tag from the tags and pockets pack. 

This page above has the other side of the Mystical Masterpiece as the background and one of the pockets from the Tags and Pockets pack, you can see the tag that then pops inside. I then added a couple of the chipboard pieces on top.

This page uses the Vivid splendour as the background and the paper buckle from the Tags and Pockets pack which I used with a scrap of the paper and a couple of the chipboard squares.

This page is covered with the other side of the Vivid Splendour paper and then just one of the larger pockets from the Tags and Pockets along with its corresponding tag and then on top one of the extra pieces from the same Pockets and tags pack.

The above page here has the Opulent Sunset as the background and I then used a pocket and its tag from the Pockets and Tags pack. I then added 2 of the chipboard tags as well.

These two pages I chose to leave blank, they are covered  in Dazzling Delights above and then the last page below was covered with Vivid Splendour

Then below we have the back cover which I did put on upside down by mistake but it was a happy mistake as the flowers show up better and I covered the now upside down sentiment with one of the chipboard pieces.

So there you have it my Envelope Mini Album. You could add photos to the pages and then journal on the postcards inside the envelopes or use them for more photos. Which ever way you would like to do it I hope you will have a go with this collection. It is very colourful but Graphic 45 have made it so easy to work with , it is just so much fun to do!

If you have any questions about it please ask and I will do my best to answer them.

                                                                           Katrina x

Tuesday 14 January 2014

Graphic 45 Bohemian Bazaar

Hi there, design elf Katrina here with another idea for the Graphic 45 Bohemian Bazaar. This time a decorative ball.

    While I was cleaning my teeth one night after finishing the exploding box sudden inspiration popped into my head, how wonderful would the Bohemian Bazaar look as a paper ball! I must admit I was right!

I decided to make a photo tutorial for this one because it looks very complicated but in fact it is very easy.

You will need -
Graphic 45 Bohemian Bazaar papers
circle punch or die
Hougie board
Something to hang your ball up with and a few beads to match the paper
wet glue.

1. punch or cut out 20 circles from your cardstock

2. Draw and cut out a template of a triangle that will fit your circle as shown. You then need to draw this triangle on to all 20 of your circles.

3. Use your Hougie board to score the triangle on all 20 of your circles

4. Fold your lines so the design you want to show is on the side with the sides folded up.

5. Glue the top part together by applying glue to the sides and sticking it to the next piece. Make sure your triangles all go the same way and they will then form a circle. Repeat for the bottom piece.

6. Now the middle piece is slightly harder to explain, so here goes. The triangles in this part go point down and stick base to one of the top section triangles then the next piece is point up to stick to the side triangle then the next piece goes point down and stick to the top triangle and side triangle and so on until you use up the remaining pieces.
 You then need to thread your wool or string or thread you want to use to hang your ball through the top and the bottom piece before you attach the bottom part to the main body of the ball. Add your beads and tie a knot at the bottom.

There you have it your paper ball. You can make these any size you want to, just adjust the size of your circle.

Hope you had fun 
                                         Love Katrina x

Friday 10 January 2014

Graphic 45 Bohemian Bazaar Exploding box

Hi there and Happy New Year from design elf Katrina. Now the festivities are over and everything and every one is back to normal again I have been able to get back into my craft room.

   I don't know about you but I always like something colourful to play with after Christmas and the Graphic 45 Bohemian Bazaar is just the thing!

    A while ago I was asked for an exploding box so I decided to make one using this colourful collection.

For the lid I used the 12x12 Bohemian Bazaar paper and then added a punched strip using some of the left over strips

As the papers are double sided I used the left over pieces for the photo mounts

So here is how I made my exploding box -

1. Take the 12x12 Bohemian Bazaar kaleidoscope  ( this will be the outside of your box ) and score at 4" on all 4 sides so you have a H shape. Then cut out the 4 corner squares and put them aside for later.

2.  Then take the 12x12 Bohemian Bazaar vivid splendour and cut it down to 11x11". Then score at 3 3/4" on all 4 sides so you have the H shape and again cut out the 4 corner squares and put aside.

3. For the last layer take 12x12 Bohemian Bazaar Opulent sunset and cut it to 10x10" . Then score at 3 1/2" on all 4 sides and again cut out the 4 corner squares.

4. For the lid cut the 12x12 Bohemian Bazaar and cut an 8x8 square. Then score at 1 7/8" on all 4 sides and cut one side of the square on the corner. Fold the lines and glue the small squares to the sides to form a lid.

5. Fold your layers and then pile them on top of each other and stick together at the base.

6. Add the squares we cut out before as your photo mats and decorate.

Hope you will try this collection, it is so bright and breezy, just the thing to brighten up these dull days!

                                                                                             Love Katrina x