Wednesday 26 November 2014

Christmas bowl

Hi everyone, design elf Katrina here. I am starting to get christmasy now in my craft nook, it's so miserable outside, so what could be nicer then being snug in your craft room making things!!

    I saw this idea on the internet, a pattern from the 1950's for a bowl made from old Christmas cards. Here is where I found the original post with a link to the pattern-

 As soon as I saw the idea I thought of the new A4 card in the shop by Payper Box. The card is a really good weight and was perfect for this project. I used the Christmas jumper and Christmas tartan. I used 3 sheets of each pattern but at a £1 for 10 sheets it's not going to break the bank.

So to start with you want to print out and cut out the template. Then cut out 6 of the sides and 1 bottom from the Christmas jumper. I did centre the shape on the reindeer pattern which did waste some of the card, so if you are using one of the other all over patterns it will use less card. 

Cut the same 6 sides and a bottom from the Christmas tartan and glue the reindeer side pieces to the tartan side pieces with the patterns facing out. Do the same for the bottom piece too.

I then made a hole template out of the printed template by using a ruler and paper piercer. Just pierce holes at regular intervals around you template and then place the template on top of each piece and poke through your pre poked holes. That way each piece will be the same and it should line up.

Next you need to take some embroidery thread and blanket stitch over the top of a side piece and then blanket stitch 2 side pieces together. Then blanket stitch the 2 sides to the bottom piece Repeat until you have stitched all the sides together and to the bottom. I hope that makes sense, its hard to explain but basically you need to stitch them all together.

There you have your 1950's bowl!

Wouldn't these make great little hampers full of goodies as a Christmas gift or even just filled with sweets for the family to enjoy.

Hope you have a go at this Christmas project. Of course change the card and it can be a bowl for any occasions

Happy crafting!
                          Love Katrina.

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Autumn leaf wreath

Hi everyone Design elf Katrina here again. Sorry I have not posted for a bit but sadly we had a death in the family and so I had to organise everything along with my sister.

    Today though I have a lovely autumn leaf wreath that can lift the spirits. I love autumn, the colours are just so beautiful, so I wanted to bring them inside too.

To get the wonderful autumn colours I used the Core dinations kraft core nostalgic collection. This collection has the most gorgeous colours with a craft colour core. I think it is my favourite collection they do, at the moment!!

    So I cut out lots of leaves using the PaperArtsy oak leaves. I just chose the colours I liked and cut about 3 of each size leaf.

I then embossed them using the Tim Holtz Texture fades poker face. I used a Sakura quickie glue pen to run a line of glue around the outside of the leaf and sprinkled some of the cosmic shimmer polished glitter over the top

While that is drying I cut a doughnut shape out of box card and glued them together, i then wrapped some burlap around to cover the card 

Then all you need to do is arrange you leaves around your wreath and glue them on. You will need to use a wet glue, I used my hot glue gun. I also glued a loop of ribbon onto the back so I could hang it up.

To finish it off I added some of The Fruit Pixies wonderful buttons from the Christmas set and some toadstools, berries and ribbon from my own collection

I hope you like my autumn leaf wreath, if you would like to make one yourself you will find a shopping list in the new section in the shop called Design team projects -

Happy crafting!
           Love Katrina