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Advent House

Advent House

 I made this house the first time for a class I taught at Bristol Scrappers for Halloween, when I was working on the Witches house I thought what a wonderful Christmas project it would make. The right side of the roof lifts up so you can fill it with treats and have one a day till Christmas. If you have any problems along the way please email me and I will try and help.

You will need -

* Foam core board or Grey board or Mount board ( available through your art shop or Hobby craft )
* 2 sheets Bo Bunny 12" Snowy Serenade Limited edition  - Serenity
* Tim Holtz Tissue tape
* PVA glue
* Tim Holtz Alterations - On the fence
* Tim Holtz Alterations alphabet - Carnivale and Typeset
* Imagination Glitz Gel - Art frost ( The most amazing glittery effect, treat yourself, you will be amazed!!)
* White and dark blue cardstock
* Pom Pom trim any other decorative trim, Bo Bunny do some nice ones.
* Butchers twine.
* Masking tape
* Thick cardstock
* Rock candy crackle paint.

1. Cut out the pieces you need from your Foam core board. You need -
                           Sides - x2 - 2.5 x 3.5"
                           Ends - x2 - 2.5 x 2.5" to the bottom of the apex then draw a triangle on the top to form your house shape.
                           Base -  x 1- 5 x 5
                           Roof - We will measure that later

2. Cover all the edges of the base, ends and the top edges of the sides with tissue tape. Cover all the pieces, both sides, with the Bo Bunny paper.

3. Using PVA glue all the sides together to form a house. You need to put quite a bit of glue on the edges then hold together until stuck. You can use the lines on your cutting mat to make sure it is square. Then stick to the base.

4.Measure the size of your roof pieces you need and cut them out of Foam core board. Cover the outside with tissue tape and the inside with Bo Bunny paper.

5. Cut a piece of masking tape slightly longer than the length of your roof pieces and place it sticky side up on the table. This is going to make the hinge in the roof. Place the right hand side roof piece tissue tape side down onto the right hand side of the masking tape. Then leave a gap, the thickness of the board you are using, and place the left hand roof piece on the left hand side of the masking tape, again tissue side down. Cut another piece of masking tape again slightly longer than the length of your roof piece and fold in half length ways. Place that in the gap between the roof pieces and using a bone folder burnish it well so it sticks to the other piece of masking tape and the sides of the roof, trim. You should now have a hinged roof. If it wont fit on your house re do your hinge leaving a slightly wider gap between the roof pieces. Glue the left side of the roof to the house, leaving the other side to be lifted up to get your treats out !

6. Cover the masking tape with tissue tape and glue the Pom Pom trim around the roof. You will need to make a cut at the top of the apex so the roof can open.

7. Cut 4 fence pieces from the On the Fence die, then 8 pieces from the white card. You can cut more than 1 piece at a time. Stick the white card to one side of the the fence pieces and paint on the Rock Candy crackle paint. Leave to dry. Stick the remaining pieces of white card to the other side of the fence pieces.

8. Cut out numbers 1 - 24 in dark blue card from the Alterations Carnival alphabet and cover them in Glitz Gel leave to dry. Stick numbers 1 - 23 around the sides, back and roof of the house. Leave the front for a door cut from white card and mount onto the dark blue card and add the number 24 and outline with the Glitz Gel. Stick to the house.

9. Glue Butchers twine around the roof and the door and stick the fence around the base. Cut Let it snow four times and stick them around the fence. Apply the Glitz Gel so it looks like snow. Leave to dry and fill with treats! Now you are ready to count down to Christmas!!

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