Sunday, 13 May 2012

Button Hearts & Tissue Flowers

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Button Hearts, fabulous for using up all those buttons you've been hoarding for years in tins and jars.
Brights Button Heart

Pastels Button Heart

I have seen these in shops and they are quite expensive but very easy to make. I used the button assortment bags in pastel and brights. I like to lay my buttons out in a heart shape so I know I have the right number for the size heart I want. Cut a double length of wire that is longer then the size heart you wish to make, fold in half. Thread the wire through the button you want for the dip in the top of your heart, I have used a flower button for this, if you have buttons with 4 holes use holes diagonal to each other to thread the wire through. Once the button is threaded to almost the end of the wire, you need to leave a bit to finish it off with, squash it flat, this locks it onto the wire. Thread the next button onto the wire, leave a small gap and squash that one down to lock it onto the wire. Twist the second button around a couple of times to give the wire between the first and second button a nice look. Carry on with this until you have all the buttons onto the wire, don't worry about the shape yet. You now need to make a circle out of your buttoned wire and finish off by twisting the end wire around each other to secure it, if you want to hang it by a ribbon make a little loop with the remaining wire at the back of the button. Now you have a circle you can bend the circle of buttons in to a heart. These would look great on the front of a card or just add a ribbon and they make great little gifts.

Tissue Paper Rose

Tissue Paper Rose

Spritz some white tissue with Inkylicious Sprinky colourz, I used the raspberry, leave to dry and then cut out 3 different size circles. You can do it with punches, dies or even free hand. Scrunch them all up and then pile up on top of each other and attach together with a brad, mine is from the Dovecraft Funky brads fantasy set. To finish off the flower, tweak the petals until you have the look you like. You could then add glitter or beads to glitz them up if you like.

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