Sunday, 13 May 2012

Halloween Treat Cone

Halloween Treat Cone
* Tim Holtz Idea-ology paper stack seasons
* Tim Holtz Idea-ology Salvage stickers seasonal
* Alterations die Mini Rosettes
* Tissue paper
* Orange card and black card
* Ribbon and bakers twine
* Double sided tape
* Imagination Magi bond
* Dinner plate
1. Draw around your dinner plate on scrap paper and divide into 3, like the old CND logo. Cut 1/3 of it out and test it makes a good cone shape. Place your template onto the Halloween paper from the seasons paper stack, the curved edge being the top and draw around it, cut it out.
2. Place double sided tape around the curved edge of the shape. Cut a piece of tissue paper slightly wider then you need to go around the cone and deep enough for you to add all your treats. Peel off the backing of the tape and stick the tissue paper to the cone.
3. Roll the cone up and stick together with double sided tape. Fill with treats and tie up with ribbon and bakers twine.
4. Make up a large rosette from the Alterations die. The Imaginations magi bond is great for making these up as its so fast drying it stops them biting back!!! Add the 31 sticker from the Halloween sheet of the Salvage stickers. Stick to front of your cone.
5. Take the Trick or treat sticker from the Salvage stickers and back with black card, cut another piece of black card the same size. Sandwich one end of the bakers twine between your 2 pieces of black card to form a tag. You could write a message on this if you wish.
6. Cut the top of your tissue paper into points, add some black ink and you are done!!

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