Sunday, 13 May 2012

Steampunk Artdoll

The Steampunk style is really pushing through to mainstream now even though the 'genre' has been around since the 80's. This is a great way to try out the Steampunk style on a smaller scale. There are loads of papers, stamps and bits and pieces around now that fit right in with the Steampunk theme.
If you fancy stretching your mechanical wings more give this fabulous project a try.
Happy Steaming!!!

Steampunk Artdoll -

I used the following - * Die cut paper doll with brads
* Bo Bunny 6x6 Timepiece collection
* Daisy Bucket clearly Petite sprocket stamp
* Eco Green chipboard sprockets
* Eco Green steampunk stamp set
* Tim Holtz movers and shakers sprocket dies
* Eco Green Acrylic paint - skin colour
* Ranger crackle paint

I also used - * Faces from pictures or magazines or draw them yourself
* Hat, tie and bag from an old catalogue or a magazine
* Wire to make her glasses and a piece of chain and eye pin to make the tie pin and chain
* Decorative pearls and feather from my pet Cockatiel( he was moulting promise! )

How I put her together -

1. Pop out all your paper doll bits. You might want to give her a bit more of a waist, draw more of an hour glass figure and cut along the lines. Paint the neck and arms skin colour. Choose your face and glue to the head, trim any excess card off around the face and make the neck fit the face by trimming down.

2. Use your dolls body and arm as templates, draw round them on the back of your choice of paper then design your top around them. Remember the way your pattern runs on your paper. Cut them out.

3. Attach your legs to your body, any brad will do as you won't see them and then lay them on the back of your chosen paper for your skirt and design the skirt you want. Cut out. Use a tiny scrap of the card from the leftover of your doll to make heels for your dolls boot/shoes. Stick the heel to the back of the foot and re-shape the foot to look like a boot/shoe and paint them. Use a pen to add detail once dry.

4. Now you have all the basics done its time to decorate your doll's clothes. I used the movers and shakers sprockets and cut them out of the dark red plain paper and added them to her skirt. Stamped the sprocket stamp on the sides of her top. Using the steampunk stamp set stamped the words and small dream and believe onto old book paper, cut out and stuck the larger words to her skirt and small ones to the top of her sleeves. Her hat, tie and bag came from an old catalogue but you could either make them yourself or cut out from a magazine. Her hat was decorated with a painted chipboard sprocket and then crackled with the ranger crackle paint and a feather donated by Dexter , one of my cockatiels.

5. Her glasses were simple to make. Use some thin wire and wind one end around the end of something that is the size you need and secure by twisting the wire round itself a few times. Take whatever you used to make the round and place it right next to the formed circle, bring the wire over your form and secure again over what will be the nose part of your glasses. Cut off with wire cutters NOT your best scissors and play about with them till you are happy. I glazed mine with a product called fantasy film but you don't have to. You can add a chain and pin like me if you would like then all you have to do is add all those little bits to make it yours. Enjoy!

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