Sunday, 13 May 2012

Celebration Bunting

Hi there, Katrina here. I have been working on a colourful banner that would be great for any celebration but especially the Jubilee coming up this summer. There are a couple more photos in the photo album. Here is how I did it.

I used -
*... Craft UK Bunting Pack Jubilee Scallop. Also available in straight edge.
* Vintedge Collection Pack
* Craftime Britannia Glitter Chipboard Alphabets
* Craftime Britannia Glitter Sheets
* Craftime Britannia Laser Mesh Sheets
* Craftime Britannia Mini Crystals
* Imagination Crafts Magi Glitz Gel - Arctic Frost

How its all put together -
1. Make a template for the size of paper you want on your banners and cut out from the Vintedge papers. The problem being which ones to choose!! Stick them to the banners

2. Cut out circles from the glitter sheets and a smaller circle from the mesh sheets. You can use a punch or die cutting system.

3. I then found it easier to lay the banner out as you wish it to hand and place the glitter pieces and mesh pieces on top then the letters ( there are 3 e's in one pack of alphabets) Once you are happy with the way it looks use a wet glue, I use glue gel, on the back of the letter and stick it on top of the mesh and glitter circles. That way you glue it all down together. Then stick the glitter circle to the flag.

4. I then used a die cut to cut a decorative edge from the scraps of paper and decorated it with the mini crystals and dabs of the Magi Glitz gel. You can add any little gems you have or more of the mini crystals to the letters. Let it all dry and you can thread the flags onto the string that comes with the bunting pack and you are ready to hang it up.

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