Sunday, 13 May 2012

Chinese Triptych

Chinese Triptych

Katrina used -

* Card stock
 * 20 Assorted Josss paper pack

* Assorted Oriental Ephemera

* 12 Crafthouse Press Oriental Woodcut Prints

* Replica Chinese coin

* Alterations Die Vintage lace

* Imaginations Crafts Magi Bond

* Eco Green Acrylic Paint Pure Gold

* Craft time Silicone glue

* Hougie board - optional

1. Cut a piece of card 8x5" and sore a line at 2" and 6" so you get 3 panels, 2" 4" 2".

2. Apply PVA glue to the middle panel and stick one of the Joss papers. Don't worry if it goes over into the other panels, it is so thin it won't show. Cover the side panels in the same way.

3. Cut out one of the wood cut images and glue it to the left hand panel. Cut the images from the chopstick wrapper and glue them down the right panel.

4. Cut a length using the Alterations vintage lace die from a co-ordinating paper or card ( I used the wrapper from my Chocolate bar I was eating at the time, well you have to have chocolate when you are crafting and I'll use anything in my projects!! ) and glue it to the top and bottom of the middle panel.

5. Paint the Eco Green pure gold paint round the edges of your triptych and around the images from the chopstick wrapper to help them blend in.

6. Glue a Chinese coin the top of the left panel and bottom of the right one using silicone glue, leave to dry and you are finished!

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