Sunday, 13 May 2012

Never Ending Father's Day Card

Fabulous card from the very hardworking Katrina.

Fathers Day card - This is a never ending card made from the wonderful Craft House Press Mens, travel and Sport CDrom. Although you could make this for any occasion and with any paper.
You will need to print off 2 pieces of backing paper from the CD onto printable card, on both sides, this makes it easier to decorate. I used the vintage sport paper in the faded image ( the CD gives you each backing paper in a normal and faded )
You will also need to print off the sheets of old Tea cards that match the sport you want to do, my Dad is a football fan so I chose football as my sport but there is rugby, cricket,cricket, golf and even some horse racing.
Also a sheet of the balls that can be cut into borders and the Scrabble tile alphabet sheet.

Now we are ready to make the card. From your printed card cut 4 pieces 6 x 3" . With the pieces portrait score a line on them all 1.5" from the top and from the bottom. Take 2 of your pieces and lay them next to each other landscape, so they are touching, on your table so the score lines are running in the same direction, top to bottom.
Match up the score lines rather than the edges of the card, if they don't quite match we can trim them later. Apply double sided tape to the outer 4 corners of your 2 pieces.
Take the other 2 pieces of card and with the score lines running right to left place them on top of the first set.
Your magic card should now fold in a never ending sequence. It may need a little coaxing the first time and perhaps burnish the edges so they are well creased but after a couple of times it should run smoothly. If it is sticking a bit just trim a slither off the side.
Now all you need is to decorate with the tea cards and borders. Just be a little careful where you put your images that you are not sticking anything over any score lines as that will stop the card from working.
Use the Scrabble tiles to create your greeting and then play!!

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