Sunday, 13 May 2012

Britannia Card

Katrina here, I have been playing with some of the new Colour Connection products.
Glitter card is not what I usually use in my work but always up for a challenge I gave it a go and came up with this card.

  I used - Craftime Britannia Glit...ter Sheets
Craftime Britannia Handcrafted Roses
Craftime Britannia Pearlised Cards
Craftime Britannia Tags & Ribbons
Craftime Britannia Trinket Box
PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Acrylics - London night

  To make the card -
1. Cut the glitter card up into strips to make up the Union flag, glue the first layer to one of the blue pearlised cards then build them up using silicone glue, leave to dry.
2. Using sand paper rub the glitter card back as much as you like and then apply the acrylic paint, I used my finger, to antique it.
3. Take one of the tags and using PVA glue and a tooth pick build up little flowers using the beads and sequins in the trinket box, draw a border around the tag with a red glitter pen. Leave to dry.
4. Once everything is dry stick, again using silicone, one of the roses to the middle of the card and poke the top of the tag underneath to secure and your card is done! Have fun!!

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