Sunday, 13 May 2012

Bingo Notebook

Bingo notebook

Take one of the Bingo cards from the Vintage Bingo card pack and fold in half.
Paint the other side with Eco Green paint.
Cut some copy paper slightly smaller than the Bingo card and fold in half to make your pages.
Clamp your pages and cover together with a peg so they can't move, take a bradel or paper needle and carefully make a hole in the middle of your fold through the pages and cover.
Make 2 more holes, 1 half way between the middle hole and the top and the second between the middle hole and the bottom.
Take some strong thread and stitch your pages in.
Choose a large headed brad and attach to the front, use white glue to attach a wooden bingo number. Punch a small hole in the back cover and thread a small piece of elastic through, knot into a loop.
This needs to be long enough to go around the bingo number to keep the little book closed.
Use one of the Tim Holtz die cut alterations alphabets to add BINGO onto your notebook.

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