Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Bit of Organising

Every other week when the Ringtons man comes to call and along with my packs of Tea, Ground Coffee and Ginger biscuits I buy a small jar of instant coffee. I'm not really a fan of the coffee but I do love the jars! I've been collecting old jars for years, everyone knows this and I often get donations, I love the Douwe Egberts jars but they are mostly used in my kitchen for lentils, sesame seeds etc. But the Ringtons jars are just the right size for embellishments and bits and bobs and once labelled up with my favourite paper bag labels it's easy to find everything.
Here are a few on the fabulous drawer unit that was made by my Great-Great Grandfather in 18something or other, it's a bit bashed as it's gone through the generations and ended up here as a crafty storage unit!
The paper Bag Labels are really easy to make. Funnily enough they are made from Paper Bags!!
I made some frames on the the computer and printed them onto a bag. Just trim a bag down to A4 width and run it through the printer. It can be a bit tricsky so some of mine I've guillotined to the right size 2.25" x 1.25" and drawn a wobbly frame on with my ancient yet still going strong dottarific Pure Black Pen, then finished off with my very wobbly stamping using some of the HUGE collection of alpha stamps I have. Everything possible in this house has a Paper Bag Label. I love them I could spend hours stamping and sticking. Oh yes you need to run a tape pen round the edges so they'll stick to the jar box etc. That was quite an important bit to forget really!
I have jars for dice, buttons, coins, wooden bingo numbers, tickets etc, etc. Aswell as the ones you can see. I love the way they look stacked on the shelves, but they are far too messy to share so you just get to view a select few!!

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