Sunday, 13 May 2012

Britannia Bracelet

I have been busy in my craft room again, playing with the wonderful Button Assortment Britannia. For just £1.00 you receive a load of buttons. I... then just added a spool of the bakers twine and made this cute bracelet. I thought this would be something older children could make as it is very simple. Here is how I did it.
 You will need -
* Button Assortment Britannia
* Creative Expressions Bakers Twine Black & White
* Imagination Crafts Magi Bond

Here is how I did it -
1. Cut off about 100cm of the bakers twine ( for an adult bracelet) and cut in half. This will give you plenty to play with. Put some of the PVA glue on the ends and leave to dry. This will make it a lot easier to work with.
2. While the glue is drying choose the buttons you want to use. I used a large white button with a red one to fit inside it for the middle piece, you will need buttons with 4 holes for the middle piece. I also used 2 blues and 2 whites, you will also need a tiny button for the clasp. Lay them out on your table top in the order you want then to be in the bracelet.
3. Fold both pieces of bakers twine in half. Take a piece of your folded twine and with the 2 buttons on top of each other with the holes lined up thread one of the cut ends through the bottom hole and the other end through the top on one side. Pull the twine through until you have a small loop that you can thread the cut ends through, like you would putting ribbon through a tag, and pull tight. Do the same with the other piece of folded twine through the two holes of the same button. Your middle buttons should be secure.
4. Take the next button in your design and thread onto your twine. If it has 4 holes then thread in straight lines or you can even make a cross. For buttons with 2 holes the twine is thin enough for both pieces to go through the holes, just do them one at a time. The glue hardened ends really help with this.
5. Continue to add your buttons.
6. The rest of the bracelet is made up with knots. This is how you can make the bracelet the right size for you. The twine knots beautifully so it is very easy to do. I used square knots, or reef if you were a girl guide. There are lots of videos on You tube that will show you how to do them, rather then me try and explain how they are done. Do have a look they are very very easy. I then used a loop clasp knot to make the loop at the end and your bracelet is done.

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