Sunday, 13 May 2012

Spooky Skull

Spooky Altered Skull

You will need -

     Plastic skull - mine was from Wilkinsons for 50p
     10 Assorted vintage book page pack
     Silkies by Imagination crafts - I used Pearl satin and Onyx satin
     Imaginations Crafts Magi bond
     Black Stickles
     Craft sheet

 1. Tear any borders off of your book pages and keep to use on later projects, I love to stamp onto them to give you an instant vintage look. Tear them into strips from top to bottom and crumple them a little. This helps them mould to the shape of the skull.

 2. Apply PVA glue to the back of each strip in turn making sure they are covered edge to edge and cover the whole skull. While the glue is still wet press it into the features of the skull.

 3. Cover the skull with Pearl Satin Silkies. I found the easiest, perhaps not the cleanest way, was to paint some onto the craft sheet and then using my finger rub it onto the skull. Once you have covered it completely highlight his features using the Onyx Satin Silkies. You only need a tiny amount so again I found it easier to control to use my finger.

 4. Add black Stickles for his eyes and you have your own spooky altered skull!!   Happy Halloween!!

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