Sunday, 13 May 2012

Steampunk Charm Bracelet

Steampunk Charm bracelet with paper beads

You will need -
* A selection of steampunk charms
* Large link chain, you could use Tim Holtz Idealogy Lace chain
* Jump rings
* Closure
* Bo Bunny Timepiece paper collection 6x6 pad
* Beads
* Wire
* Inkssentials sepia Accents
* Cocktail picks
* Side cutters and round nose pliers
* PVA glue

1. Using your side cutters cut a piece of your chain the length you need. Open your jump rings by twisting front to back. Attach your charms onto the chain.
2. Choose a piece of paper from the paper pad and cut a strip of paper 2.5 cm wide. Cut in half and form the end into a long point. Ink the edges. Roll your bead up from the straight edge around a cocktail stick. Unroll the bead half way and apply PVA glue then roll back up and hold until stuck. Leave the bead on the cocktail stick and paint on the Sepia accents and then leave to dry. Make up as many beads as you need.
3. Once the beads are dry wrap wire around each bead. Using your other beads make up little charms on your head pins, leave enough space at the top to be able to make it into a loop to attach to the bracelet.
4. Take your round nose pliers and bend the head pin over to 90 degrees. Group the very end of the head pin in the pliers and wind around the end of the pliers to form a loop. Don't close it over completely until you have it hooked over your chain then finish the loop off. Repeat for the rest of the beads.
4. Attach your clasp with a jump ring and its ready to wear!!

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